Discover Your Twisp – We Review The AERO Twisp

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Discover Your Twisp - We Review The AERO Twisp

With smoking laws becoming stricter and society becoming more health-conscious, a revolution is underway. Described as “the digital alternative you have been waiting for”, e-cigarettes (or electric cigarettes) are becoming remarkably popular amongst hipsters, geeks, and nerds. Converting many smokers to “vapers”, South Africa’s number one e-cigarette brand, Twisp, is revolutionizing the industry with the launch of three new devices.

Take a look at the video, which is available to watch at and let us know which video (within the video) suits your vibe and why.


Stocked in many stores around the country, including Clicks, Twisp, which boasts the finest e-cig technology on the market, is a home-grown project started in 2009 by Philp Bartholomew. Produced in a Medicine Control Council approved lab, it creates no tar, no smoke particulate, and no carbon monoxide. Best of all, Twisp comes in a large variety of flavours, including 0% Nicotine and fresh fruit.

Understanding that not every e-cig user is the same, Twisp has created the Solo, Aero and Edge – three unique devices offering three remarkably different experiences, all packed with same advanced tech thousands have come to expect from the popular brand. The Solo is the sleekest and slimmest device, whereas the Aero is a fatter and shorter device. The Edge is a middle-ground between the two — the new flagship device.

Twisp was kind enough to send us an Aero unit to test. The first thing you’ll notice with the Aero is that the design is really great (sort of cigar looking) and the ability to regulate the strength of the pull is fantastic. Having the option to have a stronger or weaker pull helps a lot with the intake of the smoke. Once you man up and commit to the pull, it creates a giant cloud of delicious flavoured smoke. The smell of the flavours as a solution is exactly the same as the taste you get as a vapour. The clouds are quite strong and, depending on your intake, pretty enormous.

The Aero, which has a long and reliable battery life, is bound to catch the eye of other e-cig smokers and almost always sparks a conversation – it’s just that good-looking.

AERO twisp

To celebrate their differences, Twisp has created a unique video experience to showcase their all-new products. The ‘Discover Your Twisp’ video, which can be found on the yourtwisp website, allows users to take control of the onscreen action by flicking between three videos shot in parallel. With a simple stroke of the keyboard, users are able to jump between three stylish videos – all three with a different setting, character, music and Twisp device. That means that no two viewings will ever be exactly the same.

Take a look at the video, which is available to watch at and let us know which video (within the video) suits your vibe and why. And while you’re there, check out the awesome comp. If you share the video online you could walk away with a device of your choice.

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