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With the recent release of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, it is safe to say that the Dinobots are definitely in and will have a bigger part to play in future instalments. So who exactly are the Dinobots and what do they bring to the franchise?


The Dinobots are a Special Forces team of Cybertronian Autobots that fall under the direct command of their leader Grimlock, not to Optimus or any other Prime. Their loyalty to their group is placed before any other Autobot. This means that some Autobots would rather prefer to fight against them rather than alongside them.

The Dinobots are extremely powerful and capable of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel level of destruction, especially since they can go Dino Zord and combine with each other in order to create The Beast. The Dinobots, much like the Decepticons, are quite powerful in both robot mode and beast mode. They make for great allies against the Decepticons, but they are reluctant to follow orders of anyone other than Grimlock and they do not strive to protect humanity.

In other words, if you order them to destroy enemies they will be keen, but if you ask them to project some people from a Decepticon attack, you might get a big fat no.

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The Dinobots were created by Rachet and Wheeljack after Ironhide had found some dinosaur bones near the Ark. They were created with the sole purpose of destroying any enemy that was too strong for an Autobot to handle. The only problem is that, although they serve their purpose well, the Dinobots seem to lack cognitive reasoning. Their constant fighting within the ranks of the Autobots and their disobedience led to Optimus Prime demanding that they are deactivated. However, they managed to save Cybertron on the day of their decommission and Optimus decided that they shall remain among the Autobot ranks.

Tired of being used as the Autobots secret weapon, the Dinobots decided that they would leave the Autobot group and fight where and when they feel they should. Surprisingly, they have led several successful attacks on the Decepticons without the Autobots even knowing. They work well as a unit, with each Dinobot bringing a bit of personality to the group.

So what can we look forward to in the new film? My guess is a destruction of catastrophic proportions. Just when you thought that it couldn’t get bigger than Transformers: Dark Side of The Moon, the sequel looks to eclipse its predecessor’s destruction. I can see them destroying threats to the Autobots whilst harbouring their own hidden agendas. I guess we will have to wait and see what Michael Bay has planned.

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