So Die Antwoord Believe Suicide Squad Director Copied Their Style?

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Remember Chappie? The awful movie about the sad robot with gangster friends? Remember Die Antwoord? Well, the South African music duo are claiming that Suicide Squad director David Ayer copied their style and exploited them in the DC movie.

die antwoord suicide squad joker

If I squint and you hit me very hard across the head, I can sort of see the resemblance between Suicide Squad’s Joker and Harley and Die Antwoord. There is something there no doubt, but com’on… these are popular DC characters.

Regardless, of whether you agree or not, Die Antwoord have called out Ayer on Instagram regarding the matter:

yes David Ayer u jockin our style. callin ninja up before your movie came our pretendin 2b down, so it looks OK when u bite our black & white graf style & our opening sequence to umshiniwam & an all da lil tiny details u nibbeld dat other people wont see but we notice. Cara & Jared told us how much u were talkin abt us on set but u never asked our permision to rip us off. An when ninja texted u sayin wassup wif dat u said nothin like a scared lil bitch. U were jus flauntin our names pretendin to b down. u aint down an u never will b. but before we knew da extent of ur two face nature – u invited us to ur movie premiere(which i didnt wanna go to) but ninja went , tinkin ur solid guy an mayb there was jus a lil "misunderstandin". Den poor ninja had to sit thru dat hole bullshit movie. An u even got da nerve to say wassup to him smilin – an ninja has to b nice cus he is there wif his kid. But we all tink u wack. U shud start a crew called:,"im a fake fuck" ask kanye if he wants to join u. Cum show ur pretty face at my studios. U know Muggs & u know where da Soul Assasin Studios at. we watin for u. @djmuggs_the_black_goat_ @zef_alien @boojie_baby_ @ragingzefboner @_dark_force_ @dejanvisser @djhitekisgod @jipsi518

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What are your thoughts on this? Did David Ayer copy Die Antwoord?

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5 Comments on "So Die Antwoord Believe Suicide Squad Director Copied Their Style?"

  1. RedBeard

    Regarding the Instagram “call out”: were there even any words in that? I saw a bunch of letters, but nothing that indicates any sort of intelligible message. I could make more sense out of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs than out of that nonsensical garbage.

  2. Mathew

    ha ha ha ha ha ha this is classic, i seriously cant stand Die Antwoord but really ha ha ha ha ha they should get out of singing and go into stand up.

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