Diablo 3: PS3 Gameplay Footage

Diablo 3-PS3 Gameplay Footage
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Blizzard Entertainment has recently released gameplay footage of Diablo III for PS3. The ported PC game has seen changes to the UI, control and camera systems, while most of the game still remains as is. The game also offers Paragon levels after reaching level 60, Monster Power settings and PvP, although the biggest change comes in the form of a 4-player split-screen mode for co-op battles. There’s no doubt that the game will appeal to Diablo fans, as it has already sold over 12 million copies on PC to date, despite all early complications and criticisms. Although there isn’t an exact release date, Blizzard has also confirmed a PS4 version of the game. In addition, the company also confirmed that it has plans to release on other consoles, although one would assume much depends on the success of the PS3 port.

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