Online Game Absolver Announced

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It was announced by Devolver Digital that they had teamed up with developer Sloclap to bring us their new game Absolver.

Absolver is an online combat RPG that puts players in the role of a Prospect who is part of an elite group of combatants called the Absolvers. This group is tasked with maintaining the stability in the world. Players will journey through Absolvers world as they learn new combat styles, attacks, powers and even pick up new weaponry. Fighting will be an intense real-time flow of attacks, counters, blocks and dodges. Players will also be able to customize all aspects of the game, from combat styles to weapons. The game will let you fight along fellow players in its PVE or against them in dedicated arenas in PVP.

Absolver is coming to Pc and consoles and will debut at this year’s E3.
Watch the game’s reveal trailer below:

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