Destiny's Age Of Triumph Trailer Teases What Lies Ahead

Bungie has released a new trailer for its last big event, titled Age of Triumph. The trailer gives us a small taste of what we can expect.

Destiny's Age Of Triumph Trailer Teases What Lies Ahead

The Age of Triumph event will show players how Destiny has come full circle. There are three different live stream events planned. The first will take place on Wednesday (the 8th of March) at 10 am PST and will feature lead designer Ryan Paradis and senior designer Joe Blackburn. The live stream can be viewed on Bungie’s Twitch channel.

Although it has not been revealed yet, it has been suggested that the sequel to Destiny could be releasing later this year. Bungie has already indicated that none of your current characters possessions, currency or items will carry over to the sequel, instead, Bungie wants to start from scratch in order to make it accessible to new players.

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