X-Men: Apocalypse deleted scene

X-Men: Apocalypse would probably have benefited from including this really neat deleted scene in which Jean Grey, Cyclops and Jubilee take Nightcrawler to an American mall for the first time. It’s everything we love about the 80s. Plus, it has more Jubilee!

Considering that X-Men: Apocalypse‘s best sequence is Quicksilver’s slow-motion montage set to the tune of the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams,” this mall scene set to “Safety Dance” would definitely fit the film’s tone. Of course, not every scene Singer filmed made the final cut (for whatever reasons), but Singer did promise that a lot of it would be reintroduced in the DVD and Blu-ray cuts of the film.

Fandango sat down with Singer to talk about X-Men: Apocalypse’s selection of deleted scenes.

“There will be no alternate cut of this movie. There will be nothing like the Rogue Cut or anything like that. I’m not a big fan of director’s cuts or extended editions, I never have been. In the case of Apocalypse, I removed what would be considered a conventional amount from the movie to protect what we call the collective experience of the feature theatrically. How it feels pace wise and movement wise,” said Singer. “I grew up in ‘80s malls! I even rebuilt an arcade to match the one that I played in when I was a kid called Space Port. Sadly it just got removed from the first act. I made a big, sweeping cut. But I’ll put it back in sequence and it’ll be fun.”

“There was also a significant moment that sadly I had to cut. When they’re moving through the mall and Nightcrawler remarks about the other people that “they don’t fear us.” And he thinks the mall is this paradise, and that was my homage to Moscow on the Hudson, when Robin Williams came over to America during the height of the Cold War and saw a Bloomingdales and thought it was a temple. But no, it was just an ‘80s mall!”


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