Death Stranding Fans Might Have Confirmed The Game's Setting

Hideo Kojima’s enigmatic and highly anticipated game, Death Stranding, has been shrouded in rumours. Now, thanks to a tweet from Kojima himself, fans think they might just have figured out the game’s setting.

Recently Hideo Kojima tweeted an in-game picture from Death Stranding containing some inconspicuous moss. Naturally, fans have been trying to figure out if there could be a hidden meaning in the image with some even speculating that the moss may be covering a human body of some kind. Now it seems that fans have been able to pinpoint the game’s setting thanks to this specific kind of moss which seem to look eerily similar to moss found covering lava fields in Iceland. Kojima even retweeted the tweet that speculated that the game is set in Iceland.

Whether the game will actually take place in Iceland is yet to be confirmed, although this could just mean that Kojima might be taking inspiration from the surrounding plant life and landscapes found in Iceland. There as also been speculation that the black sand beach seen in the game’s trailers could be or be inspired by Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, once again, found in Iceland.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Kojima was scouting locations in Iceland all the way back in 2014. Maybe this was for a different project or what he saw back in 2014 might have inspired him during the development of Death Stranding. Hopefully, E3 2018 will shine some more light on this mysterious game.

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