Deadpool 2 teaser has leaked online

While both Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds swore that there wouldn’t be a Deadpool post-credit scene in Logan, a recent report revealed that there was a teaser before the film. Now that Deadpool 2 teaser has leaked online.

Essentially, the teaser is a bit like a Deadpool short film. Directed by David Leitch, it shows Wade Wilson wearing a hoodie listening to ‘Call Me Angel’. When sees someone getting mugged, he quickly runs off to find the nearest phone booth and attempts to change into his Deadpool outfit while John Williams’ classic Superman theme plays over. Unfortunately, Wade isn’t quick and he struggles to slide into costume. By the time he exits the booth, the criminals have gotten away and the victim lies dead in the alley.

Whether or not this short makes its way into South African cinemas remains to be seen. We’ve seen the film twice before and it wasn’t included at all. If you haven’t seen it, catch it below:

Deadpool 2 Leak – Streamable

UPDATE: Ryan Reynolds has released the full clip online:

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