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DCC Delivers the Ultimate in Power Banks

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Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is now delivering its range of Ultimate Power Banks, providing power to mobile warriors and technology users that are constantly ‘on the go’. Available in 4000, 6500 and 20 000 Milliamp Hour (mAh) versions, depending on how much power you require, not only are these devices no bigger than an ultra slim smartphone but they also look great too, with a shiny matte black casing.

Says Bruce Byrne, Visual Communication Specialist at DCC, “The regularity of power outages in South Africa has made us all too acutely aware of having our devices such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, portable speakers and more fully charged. The Ultimate range of Power Banks ensure your devices can be charged, whether at home or on the move, providing you with hours of battery life, even when there is no electricity available. Furthermore, for those of us that travel and need to have a charged mobile phone on hand for emergencies, the Ultimate Power Bank is the ideal ‘safety’ device and travel companion.”

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So what is a Power Bank and how do they work? Portable Power Banks comprise of a specific battery in a customised case with a special circuit to control power flow. They allow you to store electrical energy (deposit it in the bank) and then later use it to charge up a mobile device (withdraw it from the bank). Power Banks have become increasingly popular as the battery life of our beloved phones, tablets and portable media players is outstripped by the amount of time we spend using them each day. By keeping a battery backup close by, you can top-up your device(s) while far away from a wall outlet.

Byrne adds, “The Ultimate Power Banks not only look good but they deliver more ‘bang for your buck’. These Power Banks can cost up to less than a third of traditional Power Banks currently available.”

The range of Ultimate Power Banks are good for almost any USB-charged devices. Cameras, GoPros, Portable speakers, GPS systems, MP3 players, smartphones and even some tablets can be charged from a Power Bank – practically anything that charges from USB can be charged from a Power Bank – you just have to remember to keep your Power Bank charged, too.

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So what can you use your Power Bank for and how much power does it actually contain?

  • 4000mAh – featuring a single USB port, this is the smallest of the lot so is very easily portable, allowing you to carry it in your pocket or bag. If the Power Bank is fully charged, it will allow you to charge your mobile phone at least twice.
  • 6500mAh – also featuring a single USB port, this version is still small and will easily fit into your bag or notebook case with ease. When fully charged, this version will charge your laptop or tablet once or your mobile phone three times.
  • 20000mAh – also small and compact, this version can be kept in your car or laptop bag and will charge your mobile phone a whopping 10 times and your laptop five times. This is the ideal power providing companion for a family, travelling businessman, on the go creative freelancer or even a social media crazed teen that would need to support multiple product simultaneously from mobile products like Laptops to MP3 Player, Digital Camera, Smart Watch, and Bluetooth Speakers. Importantly, this version features two USB ports allowing you to charge two devices at the same time.

The trick is with these devices is to ensure that they are constantly charged in order to reap the most benefit from them. You have to charge your Ultimate powerbank for a minimum of 8 hours and then use it to your hearts content the next time power outages ruin your evening.

The Ultimate powerbanks are available immediately from resellers and leading retailers. Price may vary.

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