DC Superhero Teams You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

As Warner Bros. lifts the veil on their next big DC adaptation, we take a look at other DC Superhero Teams You’ve Probably Never Heard Of. Perhaps we might see the studios work their magic on these too.

The Newsboy Legion

The Newsboy Legion

The Newsboy Legion are a gang of orphan kids, living on the streets of Suicide Slum in Metropolis, who sold newspapers and committed crimes (stripping cars and selling the parts) in order to support themselves. Eventually, they were taken in by police officer Jim Harper (The Guardian), who helped the group change their lives around. The original team consisted of Anthony “Big Words” Rodriguez (a genius), John “Gabby” Gabrielli (a talkative kid), Patrick “Scrapper” MacGuire (the tough kid) and Thomas “Tommy” Thompkins (the group leader). The Newsboys often appeared in Superman comics and were involved in rescuing Kon-El from Cadmus, and later they rescued Jimmy Olsen. Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, The Newsboy Legion also took on crooked politicians and fought against slum lords.

The Secret Six

The Secret Six

The Secret Six are an undercover operative team that has had many different team members at different times, usually comprised of villains. Led by a mysterious figure named Mockingbird, the original team consisted of Mitch Hoberman, Ladonna Jameal, Tony Mantegna, Luke McKendrick, Vic Sommers and Dr. Maria Verdugo. The team spent most of their time fighting crime and defending democracy. However, Gail Simone’s Secret Six revealed a very different team, which included Deadshot, Scandal Savage, Cheshire, Catman, Ragdoll, and a Parademon. This team was lead by Lex Luthor who posed as Mockingbird. Of course, the New 52 team changed again and saw anti-hero team Ragdoll, Bane, Deadshot, Scandal Savage, Catman, and Jeannette together. Like the Suicide Squad, there have been many variations of the team and depending o

The Forever People

The Forever People

The Forever People are a group of young New Gods from New Genesis who were on a mission to oppose Darkseid on Earth. Throughout the years members have included Mark Moonrider, who carries the Megaton Touch, which emits energy; Big Bear, who has superhuman strength; Beautiful Dreamer, a woman who can create illusions; Vykin the Black with his magnetic powers; and Serifan, who can create force fields and anti-gravity waves with his Cosmic Cartridges. They were later joined by Infinity-Man.

The Wanderers

The Wanderers

The Wanderers were originally made up of Dartalon (an expert with blowguns and darts), Elvo (master swordsman), Ornitho (born with wings and is able to shapeshift into any other bird), Psyche (mistress of emotions), Immorto (expert marksman who cannot be killed) and the Quantum Queen (able to project or turn herself into any type of quantum energy) and are led by Celebrand. The team’s symbol was a mandala which their leader wore across his neck. In the continuity of the 2004 Legion series, the Wanderers are a black ops superhero team created by the United Planets to covertly combat the Dominators. Members of this version are completely different, however.

The Blasters

the Blasters

During an alien invasion of Earth, scientists kidnapped 50 humans and forced them to walk through a minefield. Of the fifty test subjects, only six survived. The humans that were able to survive tested positive for super powers. Together they formed a wandering superhero team that came to be known as The Blasters. The team was made up of Snapper Carr (power to teleport whenever he snapped his fingers), Churljenkins (A catlike green furred alien and space pilot), Jolt (a fashion model that could generate a gravimagnetic field that repelled anything near her skin), Looking Glass (who could transform his torso into a flat plane of living reflective and superefractive glass), Dust Devil (who could generate a miniature tornado), Frag (who could become living metal and fire explosive blasts), and Crackpot (could psionically influence the minds of the weak-willed).

All-Star Squadron

All-Star Squadron DC

After a few failed attempts to reach The Justice League, President Franklin Roosevelt calls on available superheroes (members of Justice Society of America, Freedom Fighters, and Seven Soldiers of Victory) to help after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Former All-Star Squadron members include Air Wave (Larry Jordan), Manhunter (Paul Kirk), Tor (Jim Slade), Shining Knight (Justin Arthur), Plastic Man, Hawkman (Carter Hall) and many many others.

Young All-Stars

Young All-Stars

The Young All-Stars first came into being in the spring of 1942 when the Nazi super-agent team Axis Amerika assaulted the All-Star Squadron in their own headquarters. The Young All-Stars made history by becoming the first teen superhero team. The Young All-Stars served for a time as a youth auxiliary of the main All-Star Squadron group. Members include Dan the Dyna-Mite, Flying Fox, Fury, Iron Munro, Neptune Perkins, Sandy the Golden Boy, Tigress, Tsunami.

Hero Hotline

The Hero Hotline

Hero Hotline is exactly what it sounds like. If you’re in trouble and need the help of a superhero simply dial 1-800-555-HERO and they’ll come running. Basically, it’s a hero for hire service. The hero hotline crew includes Diamondette, Hotshot, Microwave Mom, Mr. Muscle, Private Eye, Stretch, Voice-Over and 500Z-Q. The Hero Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and handles calamities beyond the range of normal emergency services.

The Global Guardians

global guardians team

Inspired by the Justice Society, Dr. Mist; the Knight and Squire, Percival and Cyril Sheldrake of England; Gaucho of Argentina; the Legionary of Italy; the Musketeer of France; and the Wingman from Sweden formed the Global Guardians. Debuting in June of 1982 in DC Comics Presents #46, their members come from all over the world. Hence, the name.

The Freedom Fighters

freedom fighters

The Freedom Fighters are a team of American superheroes led by Uncle Sam. That’s right, Mr. America himself. Founding members also included Black Condor, Doll Man, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady and the Ray, later joined by Firebrand. Originally, they fought Nazis who won World War II in an alternate universe.

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  1. Two big corrections: #1) The original Secret Six from 1968 consisted of Mike Tempest, Dr. August Durant, King Savage. Lili DeNeuve, Carol DiRienzi, and Crimson Dawn; you listed the members of the forgettable 1988 revival. #2) The picture you have of the Global Guardians is correct, but the names are not; you listed the members of the Club of Heroes (aka the Batmen of All Nations), but the Global Guardians (from left to right) are Owlwoman (flying), Impala, Olympian, Tuatara, Jack O’Lantern, Dr. Mist, Tasmanian Devil, Godiva, Rising Sun (flying), Bushmaster, Wild Huntsman, Thunderlord, and the Seraph.

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