Eaglemoss Addresses DC Graphic Novel Collection Delays

Last week we discussed the lengthy delays in receiving the DC Graphic Novel Collection in a review for volume 5: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Now the UK Marketing Manager for Eaglemoss, Tom Edmondson, has reached out to discuss the situation.

“As you will no doubt be aware of, the collection has launched with massive success and there is unprecedented demand for this title – which we understand, hardback editions of the best of DC Comics at a very good price point.”

“Eaglemoss, RNA and Jacklin’s are working constantly to ensure that each issue is readily available and whilst Eaglemoss apologise for any delay you (or any other customer buying via their local retailer of via subscription) has experienced, we are dealing with a high level of demand and are working through this. Jacklin’s are in position to assist on the collection, subscribing and customer services, and… there is an unfortunate delay on current volumes.”

“Rest assured, this has been rectified for editions later in the collection – but this is not in the control of Jacklin’s or RNA. The production time and transport of any partwork, including DC Books, takes weeks if not months planning and we have reacted as quickly as possible to satisfy the demand.”

“I ask that you are mindful of the efforts both RNA and Jacklin’s put into each and every collection, and that their service is not put in jeopardy for an issue that is out of their control.”

Eaglemoss Addresses DC Graphic Novel Collection Delays

Eaglemoss has assured us that delay of issue 6 is short-term and that it is already in South Africa. “Anyone affected by this delay will have their items with them shortly.” All subscription gifts are held in stock at Jacklin’s. Any customers having problems receiving these can contact Jacklin‘s directly.

Phone Number: (011) 265 4307
Email Address: [email protected]

With most graphic novels retailing at anything over R250 these days, DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection provides you with a cheaper alternative that isn’t inferior in quality. With the problems being addressed, hopefully subscribers can look forward to receiving the issues without any delays in future.

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  1. Dr Beckett

    Possibly just my OCD here, but the other problem I have encountered is that the DC books in the retailers are never in a pristine condition. Corners bent, top and bottom of the covers having indents, possibly due to the way the books were binded during shipping, etc. I’ve rarely ever encountered this with the Marvel collection. For this reason I am reluctant to put in a monthly call order or subscribe as I would rather pick the best possible condition myself.

  2. Johann Swart

    I love my subscription, albeit with dent marks on the sides from the wrapping.

    My major concern is that we don’t receive the second Batman tin plate and, that Special editions and the Green Lantern upsell series isn’t offered to South African Subscribers.

    Can this not be reviewed. I’m sure other SA subscribers feel the same way. We are die-hard fans for crying out loud!

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