Sony Reveals Days Gone Release Date And New Trailer

Sony has revealed the release date for developer Bend Studio’s upcoming open-world zombie game Days Gone.

Sony Reveals Days Gone Release Date And New Trailer

Sony announced that the highly anticipated Days Gone will be releasing on the 22nd of February 2019. While the game is, in essence, an open-world zombie game, there are far more things to fear than zombies as the new trailer reveals. Other than the obligatory zombies, Deacon, the game’s protagonist, has other humans, wolves, mountain lions and even ravens to fear. It would also seem that running out of gas could be the most fear-inducing thing about the game as this would mean that you have to go in search of fuel and possibly come across even more sangers. It’s clear that the developer set out to create a world that’s not only full of place to explore but that is, for the most part, deadly.

Since it’s announcement, fans have been curious to see what will set this zombie game apart from the myriad of one out there. Although the game does look like your standard zombie shooting fare, there are more and more hints that Bend Studio are carving their own identity¬†through the sea of zombie games. And I have to say, so far I’m looking forward to seeing more of the game before it’s launch.

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