Dave Bautista Confirms That He Is Eternal Warrior In Valiant Comics Film

Former WWE wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista has revealed that he be playing Eternal Warrior in an upcoming Valiant Comics film.

There is certainly no shortage of comic book films in Hollywood these days. After two Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy films, Dave Bautista looks like he will show up in another comic book universe. Responding to a fan question, Bautista revealed that he is really excited for Valiant’s Eternal Warrior:

For those who don’t know, Gilad Anni-Pada, aka Eternal Warrior, is a master technician and one of the greatest warriors on Earth. He was given the gift of immortality after his brother brought him back to life using a machine called “the Boon”. Eternal Warrior and his brothers, Armstrong and Timewalker, protect Earth from Immortal Enemy.

Eternal Warrior

Not long after the tweet, CEO & Chief Creative Officer at Valiant Entertainment, Dinesh Shamdasani, also took to social media to confirm:

The news comes after rumours revealed that Jared Leto is also in talks with Sony to play a Valiant comic book character, Bloodshot.

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