Daughtry, oh Daughtry, you’ve committed a multitude of sins here. Greatest Hit albums are basically self-explanatory, so all we’re left to judge them by is the style and manner in which they are pulled off. And you’ve broken several of the basic rules right from the start.

Firstly, a Greatest Hits album should be released as a cash grab or for die-hard fans decades into your career. The subheading of “The Hits So Far” carries a depressingly cynical corporate aura of “we know you will buy everything he puts out, so get ready for best of albums number 2 til 5 in the future.”

Secondly, you have included new songs on your “Greatest Hits” album. This is a big no-no and a logical absurdity. How can something be the greatest of your hits when it hasn’t been released yet? Also, how can you do this at the expense of several of your songs that charted that didn’t make this album?

Thirdly, the album itself looks average and generic. No effort is made to have this collection of all your successes stand out. It’s just you and your band standing around looking a bit sad and meaningful. It’s been done.

As for the music? Well, if you like Daughtry that’s exactly what you get here. The two new tracks are okay as well, but the rest should be owned already by die-hard fans. When you pick this up, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock
Artist: Daughtry
Producer: Howard Benson, Martin Johnson
Label: RCA

01. It’s Not Over
02. Home
03. Over You
04. What About Now
05. Feels Like Tonight
06. No Surprise
07. September
08. Life After You
09. Crawling Back to You
10. Waiting for a Superman
11. Long Live Rock & Roll
12. Torches | Dave Bassett & Chris Daughtry
13. Go Down

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