The Dark Knight Rises Epilogue – Nightwing, Huntress and Robin

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Ever wondered what would happen after The Dark Knight Rises? Ben Deguzman imagines future characters and stories in this cool comic illustration which features the new Batman, Huntress, Robin, Harley Quinn, Two Face and Batgirl. It’s the The Dark Knight Rises Epilogue.

So some people on on the internets criticized me for straying from the Nolan “formula”.. (because you know, they’re friends with him or something.) So in good faith, I decided to take that input and completely throw it out the window. Ha – they’re reeeeeeaaaally going to hate this piece. I presented both the past Victor (that faced Bruce), and the future Victor that will eventually face the new Batman..

Some notes..

– All jokes aside, high-end robotics are not that far off. We live in an age where drones and Big Dogs exist. Robotics to assist the disabled is not just some pipe dream. That being said, all my reference to the robotic bits were from actual current day robot armatures. I didn’t want to go the more sci-fi route and have pretty glowy panels everywhere (although there’s nothing wrong with that)

– Took a lot of cues from the animated series. Notably the ‘Cold Comfort’ episode where eventually, Victor isn’t even human anymore.

– I know Nora survives in all her current incarnations, but I felt the tragedy of ‘Heart of Ice’ was that the viewer assumed Nora was dead (or was doomed regardless) – plus taking her out of the equation puts Victor on a spiraling downward path.

– Those are plastic prosthetics on Victor’s jaw and ear. Took another cue from the concept art of Arkham City where pieces of Victor had fallen off from frostbite. They didn’t go that route, but I liked the idea. And since this is a colder almost lifeless version of Freeze, I found it fitting.

– The ‘nine’ unconfirmed sightings of Batman is not some arbitrary number. I wanted to parallel the Twelve Labors of Heracles. (I’m counting the trilogy as three Labors.. hence there being nine Labors left).

– Really like the concept of the 2nd flashback panel where Bane is eerily looking at an almost mirror- image of himself in a deteriorating Fries. I ALMOST wanted to imply that future Mr. Freeze is not Victor – and is actually a preserved Bane using Victor’s cryogenic tech. Oh I guess I just did. Ha! Kidding! Or am I?

The Dark Knight Rises Epilogue

The Dark Knight Rises Epilogue

The Dark Knight Rises Epilogue

The Dark Knight Rises Epilogue

The Dark Knight Rises Epilogue

The Dark Knight Rises Epilogue


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