As with most other brands of late, Disney has partnered with Danone to combine fun with nutrition.

Danone, a global leader in dairy products, more notably yoghurt, and Disney, an entertainment conglomerate, have joined forces to launch a new range of kids’ yoghurts. The exclusive range has launched with two popular franchises, Disney’s Frozen and Spider-Man. The aim of the venture is to promote a healthy diet among children by combining some of their favourite characters with a tasty product.

The Power of Yoghurt

Although not all yoghurts are created equal or healthy, it does have a good mix of something that is convenient and easy to serve, is tasty for kids to enjoy, and has the added benefit of being healthy. Yoghurt, which consists mainly of a combination of milk and live cultures, have health benefits that include creating a healthy digestive system thanks to the live cultures. The health benefits also includes an intake of calcium and protein, which occur naturally in milk, which is boosted by Danone with a source of Vitamins B12 and D.


The partnership also includes a healthy eating plan for kids. The South African Food Based Dietary Guidelines recognises the importance of dairy products as part of a balanced diet, which also recommends milk, maas or yoghurt for every day consumption by kids. “Yoghurt is an ideal snack option. Every kilojoule is packed with nutrients that are needed by your body every day. In addition to that, Danone Disney yoghurt contains no artificial sweeteners or colourants that makes this product even more appealing!” says Marlinie Kotiah, Science and Health Manager at Danone.

The Perfect Solution to Feed Your Kids: Combine Fun and Health

Danone and Disney have the same objective of focusing and influencing kids’ healthy dietary habits. “We all know that sometimes kids can be fussy eaters, but we believe that when good and tasty food becomes fun, the issue is solved” says Julieah Muthama, Marketing Director of Danone. The Danone Disney range is the perfect business case proving how companies can come up with innovative ways to reinvent their product offering and contribute to the health of their consumers.


Danone, Committed to Health

With its mission “to bring health through food to as many people as possible”, Danone, the yoghurt leader worldwide, brings over 100 years of expertise to each of its products. Danone Disney range is making use of this experience to delight the whole family. Danone Disney yoghurt is the ideal smart snack to include in your kid’s daily balanced diet.

What makes the Danone Disney range special?

  • NO artificial sweeteners
  • NO artificial colours
  • Source of Vitamins D and B12
  • 2 flavours loved by children: Strawberry and Mixed Fruit
  • Encourages dairy intake every day

Danone Disney yoghurt, which is already available in stores countrywide, are offering:

  • 4 pack strawberry smooth (Disney Frozen & Spider-Man) @ R15.99
  • 4 pack mixed fruit smooth (Disney Frozen & Spider-Man) @ R15.99
  • 8 pack strawberry & mixed fruit ( Disney Frozen & Spider-Man)@ R29.99
  • 6 pack Granadilla, Strawberry & Apricot (Disney Frozen & Spider-Man)@ R19.99
  • 6 pack Pineapple, Strawberry & Cream Soda (Disney Frozen & Spider-Man)@ R19.99


You can download a print-friendly version of the table here.

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