Column: Dan Slott: Zack Snyder’s Biggest Troll?

To say Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were met with universal adulation would be stretching it. They’re extremely divisive films that drew the ire of many people. One person who still doesn’t seem to be over them is Dan Slott, current writer of Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Over the past year, Slott’s becoming more famous for his Zack Snyder tirades than his actual comic books.

Dan Slott Man of Steel

Dan Slott BvS

While Slott’s quick to point out he’s a huge DC fan—just not a fan of MOS and BvS—his Twitter account has become a hot topic because of his seemingly never-ending crusade against Snyder’s DC films. It doesn’t end there, though, since he’s never missed an opportunity to take shots at Snyder’s directing style either. To Snyder’s credit, he’s never retaliated.

Now, everyone’s entitled to his/her opinion about a film or artist—and many of us here at FOS were divided about MOS and BvS—but there’s a point where you gotta let it go and move on. There’s also a difference between being opinionated and obnoxious, and Slott’s nonstop running commentary is edging him towards the latter.

Dan Slott Lex Luthor

Heck, again on Christmas Day, Slott took a stab at Snyder’s forthcoming Justice League film—and it’s getting real old now. Slott’s a 49-year-old man who’s behaving like an adolescent Internet troll and creating unnecessary headlines. He’s a supremely talented writer with a great track record, but just how long will Marvel put up with his outbursts? For the love of everyone on the Internet, can you please move on, Dan?

Dan Slott Troll

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