Cut Giants Into Little Pieces In The Latest Extinction Trailer

We’ve already seen some of the “cut giant ogres into pieces” gameplay from the upcoming game Extinction. The latest trailer delves even deeper into all of the game’s mechanics.

Developed by Iron Galaxy, Extinction places you in the unlikely shoes of Avil, a warrior tasked with protecting humanity from the hulking Ravenii and the last of his kind. As more and more Ravenii start attacking human settlements, it’s up to you to stop their invasion and beat them back one severed limb at a time.

Cut Giants Into Little Pieces In The Latest Extinction Trailer

The new trailer reveals the games skill-based combat that allows you to execute a variety of deadly moves and combos to aid you against the oversized ogres. The key to defeating these foes is to, depending on the type of Ravenii you’ll be facing, whittle down their armour and building up your power meter until you can finally strike the last deadly blow.

There are a lot of strategies to be found when taking on these huge masses of muscle. From figuring out how to expose their fleshy bits to deciding which limb to chop off first, each decision you make could mean the difference between decapitating your foe or ending up squashed under one of these creature’s enormous feet. Although you’ll be spending a lot of time dodging, slicing and sometimes just running as you try and defeat your opponents, Iron Galaxy has promised that the game will have a narrative with quite a few surprise twists.

Judging from the fast-paced and strategic combat we’ve seen so far, it looks as if they might have a winner on their hands. We can’t wait to go giant slaying.

Extinction is set for release on the 10th of April 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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