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Yesterday a few of our Cape Town and Johannesburg readers were treated to an early screening of Stephen King’s IT. Thanks to Times Media Films, we hosted a press screening at Nu Metro in Canal Walk and Movies @ Montecasino. “Is IT scary? Is IT fun? Is IT worth watching?” These are a few of the questions answered by our film critics – you, the viewers.

It was a night of laughter, scares and fun for most people who attended the early screening of IT, a reboot film based on Stephen King’s popular novel. Our guests were treated to some popcorn, cool drink, creepy clowns and a lot of scares – what other ingredients do you need for an intense horror film?

It’s always great watching a film like this with an awesome audience, hearing and seeing people react to what’s happening on screen makes it a really fun experience. And IT was no different. It was easy to gather from the laughs, chuckles, screams and shrieks that the audience was having a good time. The evening was made more memorable with the awesome prizes, which included an awesome IT branded Jack In The Box, which even gave me a huge fright.

Love love loved the movie! Hopefully it’s the Iron Man for horror movies, and we’ll see much better horror movies from western cinema going forward. So great that it’s not as formulaic as most horror movies and had new unexpected scares. More of this please. Can’t wait for the sequel. – Sean Izaakse

The movie exceeded my expectations, it was brilliantly directed and casted. It was as scary as it was funny, which is incredibly difficult to pull off. – Juan Visser

Really enjoyed the movie. Some good scares and laughs. Took me back to my childhood and the start of fearing clowns. – Johan Stemmet

A twist of humour and horror. Love the movie to bits! 9 out of 10 – Mark Gavin Sylvester

Definitely a great movie. The young cast portray the Loser’s Club perfectly and bring a touch of levity to the dark subject matter of the film. Bill Skarsgard certainly brought Pennywise to life and gave him a more nightmarish & terrifying feel. Do feel it was a bit stretched out but, overall, great cast and a great film. 8.5/10 – Jean-Louis Schlebusch

Great movie! Really creepy but funny as well! Would definitely watch it again! – Melissa Sutherland

The movie was well done. As a long time fan of Stephen King, and having read the book (7 times!), it was interesting to see a new spin on the tale. I understand it’s hard getting a book of such volume onto the screen, and I think the makers did a great job. Also, Bill Skarsgard shines as Pennywise! And the kid actors are all awesome. – Quentin Rood

I watched the movie when I was a little girl, so my sisters and I had to watch it again (after 27 years) … and I must say, it did not disappoint. We all thoroughly enjoyed it, it was scary, but the kids’ humour lightened it up, which was a perfect balance. I am definitely looking forward to Chapter 2 – Andrea Aroomoogam

Stephen King’s IT has long resonated with me as one of his best stories. To get into the mindset of watching the new movie, I rewatched the old miniseries recently. Let me just say, the new movie is not at all like either the book or the 90’s mini-series. The characters are better developed. There’s a bit of pop culture thrown in for good measure and, best of all, you can actually relate to some of the characters. A good (and scary as hell) outing indeed. – NiteFenix

I wanted to be scared very scared – but too much comedy. I did have a fright twice but that was IT. – Bianca Bekker

Being a lover of the Stephen King books and movies, my expectations were high and they were definitely met. IT was scary yet packed with comedy, all the things I like wrapped into one awesome package. – Ayesha Hartley

I would describe IT as a comedy horror, with maybe more comedy than horror. Yet it is still presented well, and I enjoyed the movie overall. – Kegan van der Berg

The movie was a good choice. I still do not think I am over my childhood fear of clowns. Lol! – Moneshri Naidoo

I really enjoyed that they did the whole childhood part of the story on its own. We really got to experience what the kids went through facing their fears. Even if you know the story, the details still created that feeling of suspense. – Angelique Venter

I Loved IT! It was fantastic how they adapted/changed some of the pivotal scenes from the original, but still kept it within the story-line from the book. I was super excited to see their approach in depicting only the children’s viewpoint, leaving it open to a sequel, for when the children have grown up and return to battle IT again. I’m still debating it, but I think I could prefer this style over the way they did the original, where it jumped between the adults and kids. All in all, FANTASTIC MOVIE, that lived up to my expectations! – Garth Matthews

I was very pessimistic because I love the original so much but it was very cool! That new clown is sooo f*#king creepy!! And more intense scares. Just enough gore. I don’t think the kids are played as memorable as the previous cast did but they are played more accurately to how King writes them. Overall loved it and will be watching it again. And again. – Marinus Terblanche

World class. Brilliantly written. Directed and filmed amazingly. What else do you need?! – Nic Manshon

We had great fun. The remake has done it justice. It’s just what you expect from King. Looking forward to the next one. – Christell Seyffert

IT an awesomely scary and enjoyable. Great experience! – kevinickrus

The movie was entertaining. IT wasn’t too scary, was funny more often than scary. The kids were terrific and Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise was super. Really enjoyable movie. – Larry

The movie was everything I expected and more. I never thought anyone could portray pennywise like Tim Curry, but Bill Skarsgard was terrifyingly scary. Absolutely loved it. – Patricia Hutchison

Everything was organised perfectly and we felt like VIPs. The movie was awesome, quite a thriller cos I jumped off my seat a few times. Can’t wait for the sequel. – Suraksha Sunderpersad

IT is an excellent horror movie with an amazing script. The film makes you care about the protagonists, their well-being, and their plights. If you only watch one horror movie this year, watch IT. – Graham van der Made

IT will mark a new beginning for horror films where character development and psychological terror takes precedence over jump scares and tropes. Not only is the movie scary, but it also has genuine heart and re-watch value due to the sensational performances from the young actors. If you enjoyed Stranger Things, you’re going to love IT. – Sergio Pereira

As a huge fan of the book, I absolutely loved IT! It follows the book pretty close, the children’s acting was top notch and it was funny and very creepy and tense. It made me jump a few times, Pennywise was super scary! 4 out of 5 for me. – Morne Schaap

IT – The movie was great! Not scary. More creepy than anything else. It’s definitely a good modern take on the original. The original will always be good in its own right. Bill Skarsgard did a great job making Pennywise his own. I hope Tim Curry will be pleased. I give it an 8/10! – Jarred Cramer

IT was a masterful blend of suspense and horror that was an incredible adaption of the source material and a brilliant remake of the original. It was more than just a standard scare-fest as it dealt with meaningful issues and brought relatability and camaraderie to the losers in ways the original never could. Hopefully we won’t have to wait 27 years for the sequel. – James Roche

Pennywise was obviously the standout, not as much character as the original (can’t beat Tim Curry in a clown costume) but this one was way more sinister. The scary scenes were exhilarating, IT kept you on the edge of your seat and the graphics/CGI/audio effects were top notch. One thing that was new in this remake was the amount of comedy incorporated into the script which actually gave it a good balance between the scary scenes and the random amount of chuckles. – Leon Kleinhans

IT was a nostalgic trip with plenty of spine chilling moments. I loved how the movie was set in the eighties but the tone, acting and directing was graphic and modern but kept to the eighties feel. Brilliant acting from Pennywise. He stole the show. I also loved the comedy from the kids, had a Stranger Things vibe to it. – Yolleen Naidoo

We liked the movie. Pennywise was truly scary. Amazing makeup. As a whole, the movie was awesome, scary and with some humour. The ending took a bit long, felt they should have made it a bit shorter. But overall I liked it. – Saartjie Lecoq

I really enjoyed it. It was well written and beautifully shot, just not very scary. Acting was great and pennywise was super creepy. – Donny Chang

The movie was really good. Not completely scary but still very good. – Jenet

I went in expecting a horror and IT started off as one with the little boy, Georgie, having his arm ripped off by Pennywise. However, this remake of the It movie, although awesome, had more comedy than horror in it. The child cast was excellent, injecting dark humour into almost every scene and had me laughing so hard at times I was crying. Other times, something unexpectedly horrific happened and I got a fright that made me jump in my seat. Overall a great movie. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. – Dominica Bergman

The movie was excellent, with great performance from Pennywise and the kids were delightful, funny and brave. There weren’t very many scary bits as it’s about how Pennywise uses the children’s fears against them and our perception of that. There were nice thrills and gore and the special effects were awesome. Great movie! – Wendyle

Overall, I enjoyed the film quite a bit. The best part of the film was the kids. Their relationships, interactions and banter were great. Pennywise could have been a bit more menacing or terrifying and less cartoon-like, with a dash more suspense. – Kerwyn Fourie

The movie was fantastic. Really loved the kids and the whole ’80s atmosphere of bike riding and dodging high school bullies. Pennywise was great to watch. One of the best movie adaptations I’ve seen. – Kaz Miller

This film was a worthy tribute to the original. Most mainstream horror films I’ve seen lately have been carbon copy jump scare flicks with terrible acting and laughable plotlines. It’s so rare these days to see a horror film like this in the cinema with a decent budget, a good script, characters that you genuinely care about and plenty of humour and depth. Pennywise was absolutely excellent. This movie gives me hope for a long overdue horror revival! – Inge (@amethystineskies)

Brilliant. IT has done for Horror, what Guardians of the Galaxy did for superhero movies, breathing new life into an otherwise stale genre. IT left me full of hope for horror films to come, can’t wait for IT: Chapter 2 & The Nun. – KGP

Full house in CT at the screening of #itmovie

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Thanks to everyone who attended and made the screening a special night of fun. IT opens in cinemas today, 15th September 2017.

When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, a group of young kids are faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries.

Directed by Andy Muschietti, IT has a September 15th, 2017 release and stars Jaeden Lieberher and Bill Skarsgård.

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  1. Shaun

    Jarrod, thank you again for the awesome evening. Loved that movie, I was a bit worried they would ruin it, but wow! The really did an amazing job with that reboot. The story really drew you in, and the acting was amazing. I was the guy that let loose the rather loud expletive in the bathroom scene. My wife is never going to let me live that one down.

    Again, thank you for the amazing evening.

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