COUGAR Updates CMX Series of Modular Gaming PSUs

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COUGAR, one of the leading PC case and power supply brand has released new versions of the CMX power supply units. Through better designs, the version 3 CMX models offer multiple improvements along with an even more affordable price.

The COUGAR CMX V.3 are a high-end series of power supplies specifically targeting demanding gamers. The 80Plus Bronze certified CMX V3 series comes in the following power ratings: 550W/700W/850W/1000W and they provide up to 88% peak efficiency. The Version 3 models have a smaller dimension of 160mm in length. This is rare for a PSU of the wattage above 850W. This was possible only because of COUGAR’s outstanding design and technology.

Also new in version 3 of the CMX series is the performance of the standby power consumption which is now ErP 2013 compliant. In addition, the power consumption is under 0.3W in standby mode, and saves in electrical costs for end users. The performance of the CMX V3 in efficiency and working temperature is dramatic as the working temperature can be under an ambient temperature of 40 degrees with a 100% power output.

COUGAR Updates CMX Series of Modular Gaming PSUs

The advanced cable management solution of the CMX PSUs allows users to only use those cables their peripherals actually need, thereby effectively reducing cable mess while at the same time improving air circulation and ventilation within the case. The advanced modular cable management is further improved by utilizing new flat cables that simplify installation as well as reducing air friction in order to maximize airflow. This gives users the power they need, and flexibility of easy upgrades they demand.

The attractive black and orange metallic coating of the CMX series in combination with the honeycomb-shaped vent holes add to the overall robust and aggressive appearance of these units.

Pricing and Availability

The recommended retail price of the CMX series is:

  • CMX v3 700W – R 1 465.00 ($109)
  • CMX v3 850W – R 1 599.00 ($129)
  • CMX v3 1000W – R 2 163.00 ($159)

The CMX series is available for purchase from the following retailers:

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