The Cost of Being Iron Man

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A few short days ago, we shared an infographic suggesting the cost of being Batman. At $682,450,750, you’d have reason to believe that this was expensive venture. Tony Stark, however, doesn’t lose sleep over such numbers. With close to an additional $1b, the cost of being Iron Man dwarfs that of Batman. In fact, just keeping himself alive by means of his Arc Reactor will put Tony Stark back $36m. With an estimated personal wealth of around $9.3m, you won’t find Tony lining up at his nearest bank for a personal loan. In case you’re wondering, Stark Industries has an estimated value of $20.3m.

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Jarrod Saunders

oh snap its more expensive to become Iron Man?


Well he is richer then Bruce Wayne now that’s for sure lol


Those people I mentioned before could afford it :P