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The Ster-Kinekor cinemas in Sandton played host to a pre-screening event for the horror film, The Conjuring. The film was also screened across South Africa at Sterland in Pretoria, Gateway in Durban, and Cavendish Square in Cape Town. SK teamed up with 5FM, along with presenter Gareth Cliff, to host the event, and put a challenge was put out to listeners. The challenge? Whether you’re able to watch the horror on your own… in the dark. Thabo Modisane, executive producer of the Gareth Cliff show on 5FM, accepted the challenge, while the rest of us watched amongst other members of the audience. His reactions will be made available to the public via Gareth’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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The Movie:

Horror movies have come and gone over the years, only the best of those standing out over time. While many such movies draw on the ability to shock audiences, there are some that manage to captivate (and scare) without the need for cheap shots. What separates The Conjuring from so many other titles is that the film is based true life events. Needless to say that some aspects have been given the Hollywood once-over, but producers are quick to point out that the film is shot and directed as close as possible to the original reports.

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The Conjuring follows the story of renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who examine a horror on a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island, USA. The couple are often faced with false claims and situations that can easily be explained, but when entering the property of the Perron family, Lorraine immediately senses that this is not a fabrication. The film is directed by horror mastermind James Wan, from a screenplay written by Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes.

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There are a few guys out there who tend to take their girlfriends, wives, or potential interests to horrors and thrillers, most likely in the hope that they’d be able to prove the masculinity while at the same time comforting their tender-hearted partners to score some points. If you’re thinking of acting out that same role here, you may want to give this film a miss, or watch it on your own before pretending to brave it out later. There were at least two occasions during the film when I could feel all the hairs stand up on my body, more freaked out than anything. You can’t shake the fact that this movie is based on real events, providing a heightening of your senses for 112 minutes.

Check back on FoS for the full review of the film.

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