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Unlike Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, many hard-core fans felt that Superman: Last Son was a more worthy sequel to Richard Donner’s Superman II. My mouth watered as I was reading this novel and imagining it as the film. Interestingly enough, Last Son is a legitimate sequel to Donner’s acclaimed second Superman film and the fact that he is a co-author of this release made me sit up and take notice. Superman: Last Son was initially a five-issue series contained in Action Comics and this hardcover edition contains the entire story.

Superman: Last Son Review

When a pod crash-lands in Metropolis, Superman retrieves a young boy from it. He soon learns that the boy speaks Kryptonian and immediately the two develop a close bond. The government also desires to secure the boy but runs into trouble with Superman when they don’t fully disclose their intentions regarding the young Kryptonian, sending Superman into an uncharacteristic rage that sees him kidnap the boy. Lois and Clark adopt young Christopher and all seems well until Zod appears and claims the boy as his own. Soon the Phantom Zone is wide open and earth is threatened by Zod and his fellow criminals. In the battle with the villains, Superman is imprisoned in the Phantom Zone leaving earth and Christopher in the evil hands of Zod.

Superman - Last Son Review

The story is straightforward and simple, something that inexperienced Superman fans can easily digest but further explores Superman’s origins and family history in a way that should please longtime readers. All the major themes and characters from the old films are present and the story flows seamlessly from where Superman II left off. Kubert’s playful and simple artwork is kinetic and jumps off the page. His backdrops are jaw-dropping and his angles and over-all sense of composition in a frame are brilliant. The colour work is splendid as well, ranging from medium bright tones to moody, dark hues that are smooth and pastel like.

Superman: Last Son gets a thumbs up!

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