Odyssey Of The Amazons #4
Pages: 26

Storyline: B

Artwork: A-

For anyone who’s been following this series (or these reviews), they’ll know that so far this title has failed to live up to expectations. The characters have been weak and lacking in unique identities, while their mission has been missing any sort of motivation, despite being a simple one. Add to that the pretentious narrative which has reduced the epic feel of it to unintended farce, and it’s been pretty bad. We review Odyssey Of The Amazons #4.

Odyssey Of The Amazons #4

The small band of travelling Amazon warriors have failed in their mission to rescue their captured sisters. Their latest battle has proven too much for them and they have fallen before their foes. Yet their quest is far from over, as they awaken from death in Valhalla, the famed afterlife reserved for Viking warriors.

As Hessia and her squad soon learn, being granted access to the fabled Norse realm comes with both benefits and burdens. Granted the power of the Valkyries, they are expected to fight in a gladiatorial arena in an eternal cycle where nobody dies. While Thor argues that women have no place there, the Amazons learn the truth of the role women have played in the various pantheons of the gods…

Don’t expect any of these problems to have been solved in Odyssey Of The Amazons #4. Well, maybe one.

Impressively, the narrative descriptions this time around are kept to a bare minimum. And you know what? Already that’s an improvement. More than that, it’s had a knock-on effect which is hard to miss because, in general, the quality of Odyssey Of The Amazons #4 is a real step up.

Odyssey Of The Amazons #4

Odyssey Of The Amazons #4 isn’t great, by any means. The characters are still boring and one-dimensional, and it’s really hard to know who’s survived out of Hessia’s team since all the Amazons seem mostly indistinguishable from each other. What little plot there is goes through the motions at an unexciting, plodding pace. However, at least readers are presented with something a little different and more entertaining than the usual fare, and you can almost sense a better series trying to break out from the trappings of its earlier mistakes.

At this point, it’s almost too late to redeem itself, and nothing is going to erase what’s happened up until now. But there’s some promise here, which is something I’d almost given up hope of seeing. The art still does the job, and with a looser prose style and more of an eye to fun – while still allowing some focus on the beliefs of sisterhood which make the Amazons so wonderful – when viewed on its own merits this issue works.

The Amazons deserve greatness. Odyssey Of The Amazons #4 isn’t it, but at least it’s now trying.

Odyssey Of The Amazons #4

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