Jessica Jones Comic Book Review
Pages: 19

Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Wrapping up a case should be a cause for celebration but for Jessica Jones it’s just become another headache. Having uncovered the truth about the assassination contract taken out on Maria Hill, Jessica has already been shot by the former SHIELD Director and a potential date with Luke Cage has to wait because her office is blown up. With no other options left, Jessica Jones confronts Hill one last time to ensure that the case is truly resolved. Yet the information she receives from Hill is the most nightmarish news Jessica has ever heard…

Jessica Jones #12 Comic Book Review

The Maria Hill story arc has been one of stops and starts, with plenty to say about the harsh life Hill has endured during her time as a spy. It’s taken a rather two-dimensional character and added new layers to her, elevating her to a similar status as Nick Fury. However, it’s done very little for Jessica as a character and Hill’s story hasn’t always neatly dovetailed with Jessica’s own. It’s also forced some intriguing early subplots from the series to be put on hold… and may never be resolved at all. However, this is the most perfect way to end this storyline and bring everything full-circle.

Maria Hill will never truly be a fan-favourite. She’s seen by many as either a snarky, pedantic bean-counter or a mediocre successor to Fury, or both – and with good reason. Over the years she’s become a figurehead of authority, and that’s been enough. While this issue isn’t likely to change too many people’s opinions about her, it’s rewarding learning about her past and understanding the countless compromises she’s had to make over the years. By the end of it, readers should be able to sympathise with her or even respect her to some extent.

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Jessica Jones #12 Comic Book Review

As for Jessica Jones, it’s great seeing her not only solve a case but also spend some much-needed personal time both with Luke and their daughter. Those scenes may not be the most thrilling, but emotionally they’re the most rewarding and it really does look like she’s getting her life back on track. Plus, it allows her to crack one of the funniest lines ever as she reminds Luke about how tough she is when he’s concerned: “I’m god damn Wonder Woman.” It’s moments like which remind readers of what makes her so special. She’s more real, and couldn’t give a damn about being an inspirational role model in spandex.

The cliffhanger to the issue should also hit fans like a sledgehammer and, with a single sentence, it’s enough to shake Jessica’s world down to its foundations.

With solid writing and art as always, Jessica Jones #12 is one of the better ones in the current run and should more than satisfy fans. In the tragic story of Jessica Jones, this case may be over but her troubles are just beginning.

Jessica Jones #12 Review

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