Good and evil comic book action bible
Pages: 330
ISBN: 978-1616440862

Storyline: A

Artwork: B-

Good And Evil is the story of salvation history as found in the Bible but retold in the graphic novel format. It focuses on all the high points of the biblical narrative, from Genesis to Revelation. Written by author, Michael Pearl and illustrated by former Marvel Comics artist Danny Bulanadi, known for such famous titles as Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk.

Good And Evil Comic Book Bible Review

Good And Evil has been highly successful since its publication and has won a bronze medal from Independent Publishers as well being a finalist in the Forward Book Awards. The book depicts stories from the Bible quite successfully granted certain passages are heavy with dialogue and may confuse younger readers. They will have plenty of questions for older friends or family but they should enjoy this read nonetheless.

Pearl does use some artistic license by including some imaginative and speculative add-ons to certain Bible stories to tell a more reader-friendly tale. Readers from various Christian faith traditions, Biblical scholars and theologians might object to certain interpretations of scripture so be aware that it might not square exactly with your understanding sometimes.

The artwork is good, a bit frumpy and clumsy here and there but overall it is pleasant and should appeal to young readers. Good And Evil proves that no matter what style or genre the Bible is transposed to it makes for compelling reading.

Good And Evil Comic Book Bible Review

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