Batman: The Dark Knight New52
Pages: 32

Storyline: A

Artwork: A

In Batman: The Dark Knight #1, Bruce Wayne is accused of supporting vigilantism and corruption while Batman has to intervene at a mass breakout in Arkham Asylum.

Batman: The Dark Knight New52

Another Batman series you say. Where do I get the dough to keep up with ‘The Bat’ when he is spread across at least six series in the D.C. catalogue? This aside, The Dark Knight is an entertaining first edition that continues to explore the themes of fear and vigilantism as depicted so deftly in the Christopher Nolan films. The story is minimal but plays heavily on the playboy and business savvy nature of Bruce Wayne. It also pulls in threads from other Batman editions, notably Bruce Wayne’s support of his alter ego which puts him on the wrong side of the law. These threads are confusing to new readers and play into the agitation of having the story mixed across multiple publications.

Be that as it may, it still reads fairly well. Bruce Wayne is as charismatic and charming as ever even if his interaction with love-interest Jaina Hudson is a bit much. The story balances evenly between Bruce’s world and The Dark Knight’s. When the action does come it is brief but exciting and perks genuine curiosity for the next release. The artwork is notable, especially the action frames with deep shadows and fine detailed line work. The facial features are hyper-masculine in a few places and seem stiff and emotionless on paper.

Batman: The Dark Knight New52

If you can afford to buy another Batman series or you feel this version is for you, then Batman: The Dark Knight #1 gets thumbs up from me.

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