Storyline: C

Artwork: C+

13 Coins is your classic good vs evil plot with a twist. The two parties at war with one another are Angels and Demons, The Sons (Sons of Noah) and the Fallen ones. The protagonist John Pozner finds himself in the middle of a Supernatural War, will he come to the fore or be caught in the crossfire? We review 13 Coins #2.

It all starts out like any other day for John, eating for free at his girlfriend’s restaurant, taking his time to finish his coffee as he usually would. All changes when Samuel Goodwin introduces himself to John. Little did John know that he would be the last of his ordinary days; he had no idea that by talking to Samuel he has made enemies with an unknown evil…The Fallen. Fallen angels that desired female flesh; because of this, they were banished to Earth where they vowed vengeance; impregnating women in order to create their very own army. The ATA is introduced in this issue; we get to see what they do in a rather graphic fashion. Really this issue is not for anyone that is not a mature reader. The things you will see in this issue will definitely offend some and entertain others…but mostly offend so keep this book away from the young ones. John is labeled a terrorist due to the fact that he knows Samuel Goodwin. After the ATA beat John senseless in the hopes of getting information out of him but it is made apparent that John does not know Samuel. But all this is about to change in the final action sequence; a sequence that will change the life of John forever.


The writing is average, it starts pretty bland but picks up quite well towards the end. The conversation between Samuel and John is quite good. It is timed well and their interactions are believable. The art also leaves a lot of room for improvement. The main characters look great but the other people in the book look plain ugly, making normal people look like caricatures in a book that is supposed to be taken seriously…really not great. The colours used in the issue to a great job of setting the tone of the book, however, the illustrations to not complement the artistic vision at times.

13 Coins #2 is a good read, it seems to have potential but I don’t see it as being a title that I will follow religiously. It is telling a good story. The only problem is the story telling and images are average for the most part.

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