Did ComicBook.com Rig Its Best of 2016 Poll?

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Did ComicBook.com Rig Its Best of 2016 Poll?

2016 wasn’t the greatest year for DC in the press. Not only were they slaughtered by critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but they also had to deal with tension from fans and geek sites. That said, there was also a lot of praise for Batman v Superman, with a lot of fans agreeing that it was the best film of the year. One geek site allowed fans to vote for their favourites. The results, however, are being questioned. Did ComicBook.com rig its Best of 2016 poll?

There’s something very fishy going on with the voting for the best 2016 ComicBook.com Movie Awards. It seems some fans are alleging that the voting was rigged.

The nominees for Best Comic Book Movie were: Deadpool, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, Sucide Squad, and Doctor Strange. And while it seems that Batman v Superman was a sure winner (you can even read the comments here), the results showed otherwise.

So what exactly happened here? We can’t comment on that, but it seems like Batman v Superman got another raw deal.

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Disney is paying off critics and sites to bury DC. It’s simple b


Rotten Tomatoes is owned by warner brothers. Why would they allow critics who are easily bribed to have reviews on their site?


Shawn Magargee because WB aren’t assholes


Thank you for bringing this discussion to the table there

Dean Carter

Hey, Shawn Magargee, Warner Brothers may own 30% of Rotten Tomatoes, but they don’t own the critics who vote on that website. Disney does.