5 Visually Stunning Comic Books Set In Africa

You’ve probably see the Black Panther trailer. For many of you, Black Panther is probably the only time you see the words comics and Africa in the same sentence. However, there is a growing movement across both the African continent and diaspora to create a new wave of comics inspired by African art, culture and aesthetic.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if Superman’s spaceship landed in Cape Town? Or if that radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker found its way to Cairo? The bad news is that neither of those things have happened (yet). The good news is that instead of imitating their western counterparts, African comic creators have decided to tell new stories through the comic book medium. Here are five of the best comic books set in Africa:

1. Yohance

yohance comic book

Yohancé follows a master thief who inadvertently finds himself at the centre of an intergalactic war. He subsequently gets swept up in an epic adventure as the curtains of war reveal ancient conflicts that shatter his world. An epic space opera with a purely African aesthetic, Issue 1 is also the first instalment in the Ekangeni Crystal Prequel Trilogy.

2. Outcasts of Jupiter

Outcasts of Jupiter

Set in Morocco in the year 3125, Outcasts of Jupiter follows four outlaws roaming the fringes of an untamed and wild galaxy. After one of the Outcasts is wrongfully arrested, the other three must come together and stage a prison break from a heavily fortified tower known as the Burj.

3. Kwezi


Set in a contemporary South African backdrop, Kwezi is a 19-year-old boy that discovers that he has superpowers and decides to become a superhero. He soon becomes a famous national figure but, at such a young age, Kwezi allows both his fame and his power to go to his head leading to unintended consequences.

4. Jinx

JINX comic book africa

Jinx is the story of Enobong Akpan, a young social outcast that seems to suffer from a case of chronic misfortune. Having lived all her life in an orphanage, Enobong faces the prospect of being homeless as she approaches her 18th birthday. With no friends, family or any job prospects, Enobong finds herself lost in the abyss. A series of unfortunate events drive our heroine to the point of insanity. However, within the haze of madness, she discovers a hidden power within her that promises to permanently alter the course of her life.

5. Kugali MAG

Kugali Mag african comic books

Kugali Mag is an anthology of different comics from across the continent. The pilot issue features three comics from Kenya, Zimbabwe and Nigeria respectively. The stories touch upon various themes such as the plight of Albinos in East Africa, African mythology and more traditional superhero style narratives.

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