Are Comic Book Sites Taking "Bribes"? Is There Any Truth To The Bias Against DC Films?

There’s something very fishy going on with the press, especially the more popular comic book sites. Earlier this year we posted an article about rigging its “Best of 2016” poll and, now, FliteCast is pointing out that some of the bigger sites are actually biased towards Warner and DC and it has a lot to do with Marvel’s good PR.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, good PR goes a long way. It’s no secret that good public relations has a lot of influence on critics and press promoting a film. If you’re dealing with an agency that doesn’t understand their product and is unwilling to treat their client (in this case, the press) with respect, there are bound to be repercussions. Even though most critics claim to be uninfluenced by gifts or special treatment provided by the studios, it’s only human for them to be swayed, even if ever so slightly.

Disney and Marvel have always maintained a good relationship with the press, mostly because they understand the importance of the good and bad press. And when it’s a game of millions of dollars, it would be smart for any studio to do the same. That’s not to say that Warner and DC aren’t focused on good PR. The sneak peeks of Justice League shown to the press last year did wonders for Warner. Many journalists left feeling positive about the film.

Is it fair to say that Marvel’s PR is doing more for journalists then? It seems some people think so. FilmDrunk, the editor of Uproxx, tweeted “DC fans think Marvel pays journalists for positive coverage when all they do is kiss a little ass from time to time.”

“Which isn’t a criticism of Marvel, btw, it’s a criticism of DC. Marvel is just showing you how easy this s**t is,” he continued in a second tweet.

It really is an ugly world out there, and it seems movies and their numbers are a lot more influenced by PR and press than most people realise. As they say, “All’s fair in love and war.”

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  1. Believed this for some time now. Regardless of “kissing ass” versus buying positive reviews it still tends to always shine a negative light on DC which I honestly believe it doesn’t deserve.

  2. PR has its influences, yes, but what is important is how fans and audiences feel about the films. There is no way that Marvel can “bribe” millions upon millions of cinema-goers. Likewise, those same comic book fans can’t all be disappointed by the lack of PR from Warner. I doubt they even care. Trust your own opinion. not a critic’s. You’ll be surprised by how accurate it is to the general consensus.

    • You seriously believe that critics and press don’t have an influence on movies? Fair enough, Marvel can’t bribe everyone, but they can have really good PR everywhere. After all, they do decide from the head all the way down. And yes, the do better PR in South Africa. They have an annual Disney event. But I’ve yet to hear about a DC or Warner event showcasing their films. And comic book fans are influenced by press who are influenced by PR.

    • Critics and press have an influence on how a movie is subjectively perceived and how it performs at the box office, but once you cross the threshold of anticipating it versus seeing it, then you have the ability to form your own opinion.

  3. Lucky

    Even if Marvel is kissing ass, everything that I’ve seen from DC after The Dark Knight trilogy has left an awful taste in my mouth. Coincidence? I think not.

  4. John Bernard Dennis Assounga

    Very interesting, either way I don’t think you can debate that DC have put out shit films ever since The Dark Knight trilogy. Man of Steel = Avg, BvS = Shit, Suicide Squad = shit. The majority of the MCU movies have been AT LEAST good if not GREAT, and that’s is indisputable. Especially when you see the numbers and the reaction.

  5. Jesus, what a shitty article. The Marvel movies have been funny and upbeat with a consistently high level of quality. Even the “flawed” Thor movies were very good compared to the best Warner has given us recently. Is it really too much to understand that the press is aware of this difference? That at this point in time we (the public) EXPECT Marvel Movies to be very good, while we also expect DC to be kinda crap?

  6. This idea is the most butt hurt thing ever. Marvel makes films with mass appeal. DC doesn’t. That simple. You can like DC films, but that doesn’t mean critics, or other moviegoers will also. I personally HATE BVS, and thought MOS and SS were meh at best. I haven’t gotten a cent from marvel to feel that way, I also 100% thought the critics were going to be wrong about BVS, but found out for myself that they were actually going too easy on it.

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