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With the launch of Comedy Central Africa Roasts on DStv Channel 122 getting momentum and more confident in enticing celebs to join them for the show, there is a need for more relevant roasts that are quick off the mark. They have already had Steve Hofmeyer and Kenny Kunene, but why has it taken so long? I mean Charlie Sheen’s roast was aired shortly after he left Two & a Half Men when the fallout was fresh and public.

I would like to serve up two fresh sizzling roasts for your consideration.

Gareth Cliff

Everyone is wondering what happened to Gareth Cliff; why he left 5FM on a gloomy Monday morning, off what most people thought was a bad April fool’s joke. Now 5fm is scrabbling to fill his spot on air and failing dismally because there was no transition period.

Just like E-Tolls you can’t just drop a bomb without getting public approval and feedback. The move seemed unceremonious. We are not sure if this might bode well for Gareth Cliff as he’s always been associated with either 5FM or Pop Idols SA, the roles in both go hand in hand. He’s had a long career in the public eye and a roast will definitely go off well. He is just the type of celebrity that would receive a Roasting in good spirit.

Julius Sello Malema

This roast is a long time coming. He already had many downfalls and embarrassing moments in public, but he just keeps getting back up for more. There so much comedic material potential here, it would be a shame to let it go to waste. I think the perfect timing would be after the elections.

I hope the producers at Comedy central are reading this. We can go through the list of popular celebrities in SA right now, but it’s all about being relevant and in good taste. For instance, we can’t exactly roast Oscar. People have more fun with poking fun at his lawyer, Barry, during serious court proceedings. That just shows you that South Africans are eager to roast almost anyone these days. Not sure if that’s a negative indictment on South African culture, but either way it will be good for Comedy Central’s ratings when these aired. I sure we can come up with some great comedians and celebrities to help roast them.

I’m not sure if there is an issue over money, international restrictions from Comedy Central or just consent from celebrities, but I would like to see it happen and happen soon.

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