Civilization 6

Get ready to build your empire, as Firaxis has announced that Civilization 6 will be releasing on the 21st of October 2016.

Civilization 6

It has been 6 year’s since the last Civilization game was released, so it is great news that Civilization 6 is on the way. While it has been announced that the game’s core mechanics would remain largely the same as its predecessors, the game will introduce new ways to engage with the world. Some of these “new ways” will include cities being able to physically expand across the map, making their locations more important than in previous games.

A civilization’s progress through history will now also be boosted by active research for technology and culture. All interactions with other civilizations will also now be dynamic.

The game will also include an enhanced multiplayer for those who want to “cooperate and compete” in a bunch of different simulations that will be available. All this will be designed so that players would be able to complete it in a single session.

Civilization is a series of turn-based strategy, 4X video games, many of them produced by Sid Meier. There are also several traditional Civilization games.

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