The City with Two Faces Fan Film: Indiegogo Campaign

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A short while back, FoS featured the feature-length, fan film, Joker Rising, which, at the time, was a rough cut of the film. The film surprised audiences with the amount of detail put into the script and cinematography, which was rounded off quite well with a few good performances from the actors. The creators of this fan film are now embarking on the follow up project, The City with Two Faces, which sees the continued adventures of the rise of the Joker in Gotham City. The project will be split into two films, part one and two, making it the first ever fan-made trilogy of its kind.

The creators have again reached out to the fans and the public to assist in this non-profit venture. An Indiegogo campaign has been setup for those wishing to contribute to the cause. Let’s make it happen! You can catch the teaser, and some behind-the-scenes footage, for The City with Two Faces below:

You can watch the final cut of the Joker Rising fan-film on YouTube.

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