CINEMA NOUVEAU PRESENTS THE 'GRACinema Nouveau is proud to present the first-ever Grant de Sousa Film Festival.

Cinema Nouveau Presents The Grant De Sousa Film Festival

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CINEMA NOUVEAU PRESENTS THE ‘GRACinema Nouveau is proud to present the first-ever Grant de Sousa Film Festival.

This festival is the successful outcome of the Cinema Nouveau promotion that ran towards the end of last year. One lucky movie-lover won the opportunity to stage a personalised film festival for a day, by correctly identifying some quirky clues that featured in a range of iconic films.

A rising young commercials director from Cape Town, Grant De Sousa, won the competition, by beating film fanatics from across the country to identify the clues and grab the fabulous prize. “The Grant De Sousa Film Festival”, which will be hosted by himself, is a one-day festival featuring five of his all-time favourite films.

The good news is that the festival is open to the general public. All tickets for the five films are only R35.00 each, while tickets discounts will apply for pensioners, children and loyalty card holders. The festival will be screened on Saturday, 27 April, at the V&A Nouveau cinema complex at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

The five titles (and screening times) that will make up Grant’s film festival are: *Weird Science (09:45); Raiders of the Lost Ark (12:00 noon); The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (14:15); Fight Club (17:30) *and the main feature for the day, *Dark City (20:15)*. The films will be screened one after the other, following a brief introduction and overview of each title and the reason for its selection by Grant.

Says Lola Gallant, brand manager of Cinema Nouveau: “We were delighted with the response to this innovative promotion and how the entrants interacted with the competition mechanism. The clues were displayed in a variety of locations, including across various social media platforms, on radio and in Cinema Nouveau theatres, which added to the intrigue and ‘talkability’ among movie lovers.

“The interactive nature of the promotion was what drove its success: people love to be tested and to get involved, and this competition was successful on both those levels,” stated Gallant.

“Following on the success of this promotion, we are considering our options to create even more excitement for Cinema Nouveau so, film buffs, watch this space!”

Grant started planning his film festival and the titles he would like to screen, long before he was announced as the winner in December last year! He has a great love and passion for the medium of film, which has seen him follow it very successfully as his career.

“I have grown up with film, and now I am fortunate to work in the industry directing commercials. In fact, I probably see two or three movies every week! The Cinema Nouveau competition was a great idea and I enjoyed the challenge of deducing the movie titles from the cryptic clues.

“Now, having finalised my selection of five titles, I can’t wait to host my very own film festival – I could not imagine a better way to spend an entire Saturday than watching movies!” he said.

The “Grant De Sousa Film Festival” will be shown back-to-back as a full-day festival at Cinema Nouveau at the V&A Waterfront on 27 April. Members of the public are invited to share in Grant’s festival by purchasing tickets to watch his selection of films, which is an interesting mix of titles, both old and new, that offer broad appeal for all movie lovers.

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