Chucky Might Go To Space In Child's Play 8

Let’s face it, the Child’s Play franchise has become a bit like Police Academy – it just never ends. The murderous doll has survived all sorts of mayhem to return for sequel after sequel from beyond the grave. At this point, nothing is completely off limits or taboo. So why not make a Child’s Play film in space? It seems like the Cult of Chucky director thinks it’s a good idea.

While promoting the direct-to-DVD Cult of Chucky film, set for release in October, director Don Mancini expressed his interest in doing another Chucky film, this time in space:

“I have an idea for Chucky in Space. You know how sometimes, like, kids will present a space shuttle crew with like, some totemic experiment or mascot or whatever? Chucky…Chucky in Space.”

Of course, he wouldn’t be the first horror icon to travel into space. 2001’s Jason X sent Jason Voorhees into space where he managed to cause all sort of murderous havoc. While the film received unfavourable reviews, holding a “Rotten” rating of 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, the ridiculous plot drew a large crowd of horror fans and eventually made 17 million dollars from an 11 million dollar budget. Those numbers aren’t great but it did enough to warrant another sequel, Freddy vs. Jason.

Perhaps Chucky in space is exactly what the franchise needs right now.

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