Christopher Reeve in Man of Steel?

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… is that Christopher Reeve in Man of Steel? Fans certainly think so. A Redditor has apparently spotted a subtle CGI cameo that drops Christopher Reeve’s face in while Superman is pushing through the beams of the World Engine in the final act of the film. Blink your eyes an you’ll miss it.

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  1. LinuxMage

    This reminds me of the cameo that was done with Darrin McGavin’s image. On the Pilot Episode of ABC Television, 2006 remake of ‘Kolchack: The Night Stalker’, the Original Carl Kolchack could be seen perched on the edge of a desk, complete with his shoulder mounted tape recorder and wearing a straw hat as the New Kolchack strolled past and as indicated here, blink and the scene would be missed…

  2. StephenW

    Pulled the animation apart in Photoshop and no its not him, quite uncanny resemblance but not Christopher Reeve

  3. LinuxMage

    Even though the idea was to honor and pay homage to Christopher Reeve maybe due to the nature of the world being so litigious and some eager lawyer ready to egg the Reeve Estate to sue over a perceived copyright infringement of his image–a look-a-like was used. Just a theory…

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