Chris Evans Hinting At The Death Of Captain America

Bringing together nearly every major Marvel character, many believe that the events of Infinity War will change the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever. There are also many fans that believe the battle with Thanos will result in Steve Rogers’ death. Now, actor Chris Evans seems to have hinted at the death of Captain America too.

Is Chris Evans Hinting At The Death Of Captain AmericaIs Chris Evans Hinting At The Death Of Captain America

Building up to Civil War, there were many fans who were convinced that many of the characters from the MCU would die. This event would make way for new characters and would also mark the end of the chapter for Iron Man and Captain America. With both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.’s contracts coming to an end, it seems only likely that we’ll have a major death in the MCU soon. Speaking with the Telegraph, Evans mentions that he has extended his contract with Marvel for just one more film:

“I had six films in my Marvel contract, so I could have said after the third Avengers I was done, but they wanted to make the third and fourth Avengers films as a two-parter. They said they had so many other characters to fit in – Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Ant Man – and couldn’t get them all into one movie.”

While he remained mum on the specifics of the film, he did mention that it’s:

“…because it made sense. It’s going to wrap everything up.”

The characters death might be based on Captain America #25, which sees the surrender of Steve “Captain America” Rogers after the events of Civil War. During the court proceedings, he is executed by a sniper outside the court.

However, as we’ve already seen, Marvel actors don’t always leave when the contract is up. Perhaps this is all a ploy to keep fans interested.

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