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Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues! Least that’s what Sons of Anarchy and King Arthur star Charlie Hunnam must be thinking. It’s only been a few months since he openly admitted to not being interested in playing DC hero Green Arrow. It seems King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword‘s struggles at the box office has brought him to his knees.

Back in March, when speaking with Yahoo Movies, Charlie Hunnam announced that he wasn’t interested in the DCEU at all:

“I didn’t grow up a comic book fan and I haven’t really seen any of those Marvel films or the Batman films. It’s just not really my taste. I must confess I don’t really know who the Green Arrow is. It’s not part of my vision for my career or what I aspire to.”

However, it seems he has recently changed his tune and expressed his interest in taking up the bow and arrow for Green Arrow:

“I’m not a fan of the comic books, so I don’t know why people are always asking me about him [Green Arrow], do I look like him? Well then come on DC, what’s up! Give me a call!”

Hunnam does look a lot like Oliver Queen though. Many fans have rallied for him to take up the role on the big screen. Stephen Amell currently portrays Oliver Queen on the CW series Arrow.

WB once upon a time created concept art for The Flash based on Charlie Hunnam. However, that role eventually went to Ezra Miller. Could he get a second chance to join the team with Green Arrow?

Now that Charlie is interested :P

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