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It’s been announced that Legends of Tomorrow’s second season will be dramatically different from the first. And that’s a good thing.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

While the show had the potential to be truly legendary, a flawed premise and poor storytelling have let some fans down over the course of the first season. The concept of our time-travelling heroes has afforded them the opportunities for some good adventures, but the focus on defeating Vandal Savage for the weakest of reasons has led to tangled timelines, huge plot holes and a seemingly endless series of stalemate skirmishes. Yet season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow is promising to change some of that.

With luck, this means far less Vandal Savage and far more varied missions. There’s also been the promise of bringing dysfunction back to the team, one of Legends of Tomorrow’s early highlights which disappeared quickly. Fans, it seems, enjoy seeing a crew of misfits being forced to work together. They’re the Dirty Dozen (well, eight) of time travellers. While we’d hate to see Captain Cold and Heatwave go, Firestorm, Rip Hunter and the Atom need to be developed more and Hawkgirl and White Canary haven’t proven to be all that interesting.

There are some other characters already waiting in the wings who could join the Legends of Tomorrow crew, the obvious two being Jonah Hex and Vixen – both having appeared on screen already, and there’s been a serious push to make Vixen the next breakthrough TV character. But are there better choices out there if they want to add to the dysfunction? Here are ten potential newcomers and one TV favourite we’d like to see come aboard the Waverider…

booster gold legends of tomorrow


1) Booster Gold:

Clearly the best choice and the number one draft pick. This time-travelling glory-hound has been viewed as a joke over the years, although there’s a whole lot more to him than meets the eye. With his stolen Legion flight ring, able to generate force field blasts, and using knowledge of future events to help his crime-fighting career, he’s always trying to redeem himself for the mistakes he’s made in his own personal past. He’s funny, but he has a tragic side too. Plus, he’s Rip Hunter’s dad so the chemistry there could make for a lot of fun.



2) Superboy:

There have been several characters who have used this name, but one of the most interesting was Conner Kent. A clone hybrid of Superman and Lex Luthor, he went from being an arrogant boy of steel to a troubled young man, struggling to be accepted and always feeling alone. With an array of diluted super-powers which would always put him far behind Superman, he could still hold his own and had the heart of a hero. Given his somewhat anti-social nature, he could add an interesting dynamic to the team. His physical appearance is similar in age to Jax (despite being a young clone), so they could become fast friends as the youngest members of the team.



3) Terra:

Bringing some much-needed ruthless aggression to the team, Tara Markov could make for an interesting addition to Rip Hunter’s crew. With the power to create earthquakes, geokinesis and terrakinesis, she looks sweeter and more innocent than White Canary but she’s far more deadly. Having trained with Deathstroke the Terminator, she’s had no problems betraying those she claims to love as well as her own team if it serves her own ends. If you thought Captain Cold and Heatwave were a handful, they’re nothing compared to her. She’d slit their throats in a heartbeat if she had to… or drop a boulder on them.

Hourman Legend of Tomorrow


4) Hourman:

If you were Rip Hunter and had the ability to recruit any heroes from any era, why limit yourself to a handful of hangers-on from 2016’s Star City and Central City? How about a trip back to World War Two to recruit the JSA’s Man of the Hour, who takes a pill which grants him enhanced human abilities for sixty minutes at a time? Rex Tyler was many things – a hero, a chemist, a successful businessman… and a lousy father. With his Golden Age values he’d be a nice contrast to his teammates, whilst still having the logic to discuss science with Stein. His flawed personal life, addiction to both his miraclo pills and the superhero lifestyle, and his future namesake being a time-traveller could lead to interesting situations.



5) Captain Atom:

Or maybe the team doesn’t need old-fashioned values but military authority to whip them into shape? Captain Atom was teased at in the first season of The Flash, but they never showed him. His absence could be chalked up to being removed from the timeline by Rip and the gang. With an alien metal shell bonded to this old soldier’s skin, and possessing strength, flight and atomic power, he’s more than a match for most villains. However, his disciplined attitude tends to rub people the wrong way, and at times he’s nearly become an outright villain as he’s struggled to balance being a government guy to being an independent hero. Oh, and he’s also got some time-travelling experience…



6) Power Girl:

If you want raw power, you’ve got it. With a history as confusing as it is fascinating and a no-nonsense attitude, she puts Hawkgirl to shame. Is she an Atlantean, an alternate reality Supergirl or something else even more bizarre? There’s a lot to explore in her past and her presence could blow the multiverse wide open for our heroes to play around with, but it’s her slow-burn impatience with others and her quick-tempered desire to get the job done which have made her a fan favourite over the years. And whatever you do, don’t give her diet soda… that just makes her worse.

matter eater lad legends of tomorrow

7) Matter-Eater Lad:

Maybe a trip to the future could lead to one of the Legion of Superheroes’ best and brightest joining the team? Unfortunately, Brainiac 5 is out that day and he isn’t the one the Waverider picks up. Instead they get Tenzil Kem, better known as Matter-Eater Lad. His Legion flight ring might allow him to fly, but his real claim to fame is that he can, well, eat anything. That may not sound like much, but his light-hearted heroism and ability to chew his way through any obstacle could provide some unexpected laughs.



8) Kamandi:

Why settle for a hero from the 31st century when you could have the last boy on Earth? From a post-apocalyptic Earth A.D. (After Disaster) future – a world where super-evolved animals rule and the human race is all but extinct – teenage hero Kamandi has extensive knowledge of the past and is a cunning and athletic adventurer. However, his understanding of technology is limited (and sometimes confusing) and his social skills are more at home with animals than other human beings, which makes him an ideal fish-out-of-water figure to join our Legends of Tomorrow heroes.



9) Lobo:

If you need to stop an immortal, bloodthirsty tyrant like Vandal Savage, then why not just hire an immortal, bloodthirsty bounty hunter to stop him? Rip Hunter should have hired Lobo from the outset. The self-proclaimed “Main Man” has expert tracking skills, a penchant for ultra-violence, a genius-level intellect under his hard-rocking exterior, a strong moral code which means he always keeps his word, and the ability to regenerate his whole body from a single drop of blood. He’s battled across time, space and even the afterlife, and his fast-living lifestyle could make for a lot of fun! It would be great to see him join the Legends of Tomorrow team.

the question legends of tomorrow


10) The Question:

One of DC’s most underrated characters, The Question is as much a mystery as those he (or she, depending on who’s under the mask) likes to investigate. The original Rorschach, The Question is a keen detective and an expert fighter who never compromises. Always determined to find the answer to any problem, The Question is the ultimate conspiracy theorist and could be a voice for fans who want Legends of Tomorrow to be more consistently logical. While a team player, he (or she) is always aware that everyone has secrets and that there’s more to a situation than there first appears. Want to know what Captain Cold’s real plan is, or just why the Rip is so ineffectual? The Question can find the truth…



11) John Constantine:

Ever since his show got cancelled, there’s been a void in DC’s TV universe. Sure, he showed up in Arrow but it’s always a hoot seeing the hard-drinking, hard-boiled dabbler in the occult arts. Given some of the mystical elements of the show, having a magic-user on the team could count for a lot. His arrogant, abrasive personality would be a perfect dysfunctional fit for the team. From drinking sessions with Heatwave and adding sarcasm to Captain Cold’s most cynical comments, to debating magic vs. science with Stein and telling Ray Palmer to stop being such a wimp, Constantine would be more than welcome. Plus, it would be good to see Rip Hunter pronounce the name “Constantine” correctly.

Legends of Tomorrow

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