YouTube Celebrity Casey Neistat Is Ending His Vlog

2016 is evil. Not only has it taken away some legendary artists and actors, but now you have to deal with the fact that Casey Neistat is ending his vlog.

35-year-old YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat is one of those few people you either know everything about or don’t know at all. With a following of more than 5.7 million people, Neistat has helped legitimize the practice of “vlogging,” or video-blogging daily life. As far as Youtube goes, he is a legend.

After 18 months since he started, Neistat is ending the vlog.

“I know how to do this and do it in a way that’s pretty easy, and have it make me very successful on YouTube and make a great living… but what it hasn’t been doing is challenging me,” Neistat announced. “I have to kill this before I can give birth to what’s next.”

Neistat began uploading daily vlogs in March 2015 and his YouTube channel now has well over 5 million subscribers. In September of this year, GQ named Neistat its ‘New Media Star.’

Youtube will never be the same.

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