Captain Planet

It seems that Jono Matt, Glen Powell, and Leonardo Dicaprio will, with their powers combined, form Captain Planet. Go Planet!

Captain Planet
It has been announced that Leonardo Dicaprio’s movie production company Appian Way will be partnering with Paramount to produce the film adaptation of Captain Planet.

The Hollywood Reporter also reveals that Jono Matt and Glen Powell are in talks to possibly pen the script. The studio is currently hard at work acquiring the film rights and if all goes well Dicaprio will produce alongside Powell.

The original 90’s animated tv series followed the adventures of five planeteers, teenagers who are given rings of which four harnesses the power of the elements and one the power of heart. When these five teenagers combine the power of their rings they summon the eco superhero Captain Planet and together fight those who want to destroy the earth.

The first live film adaptation of the 90’s tv series that was initially being developed by Sony, but never saw the light of day. Hopefully, Paramount and Dicaprio can help bring everybody’s favorite green haired eco-warrior to the big screen. Go Planet!



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