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Can Paper Cut Wood?

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If you ever lie down at night, tossing and turning at the difficult question, can paper cut wood, then you enjoy some peaceful nights henceforth thanks to the video by John Heisz. The Ontario based carpenter took some time to showcase the power of a piece of paper by replacing the blade of his table saw with that of a circular cut-out of printer paper.

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While the video does show the paper cutting through a small piece of wood, it should be emphasised that the video was sped up nearly 16 times in some places, since the cutting process took some time in a slow, yet methodical, process.

What is interesting are the results of the cut, a surface so smooth that it actually shines, so much so that it reflects light. The video doesn’t showcase his attempts at cutting aluminium, which only managed to polish the surface without cutting into it.

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This redefines “paper cut”, I guess. And while this really doesn’t have any practical applications, it was interesting to do. Even more so, since the paper I used was nothing out of the ordinary – just regular printer paper with no special treatment. Add to that the time of year (it was hot and humid, making the paper fairly limp with moisture), it’s amazing that it worked at all.

Of course, there are sections of the video where I’m cutting that are sped up as much as 16 times, so it’s not the fastest way to make a cut!

I did make another “blade” to test it on a piece of aluminum, but it more or less just polished the edge before wearing out. The abrasiveness of the paper works well on wood, but is no match for anything harder.

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