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Trevor Kerr’s Call Of The Empire is a Star Wars short film you’ve got to see. The CGI is spectacular, the sound design is amazing and the action is breathtaking.

Fan films are only getting better and better. This short is proof. You’ll be very impressed by what was accomplished here. The story takes place after the events of the Return of the Jedi and we see a dogfight between the Rebels and the Empire. I’m assuming that they aren’t aware that the fight is over and they are still going at it. It’s in line with what happened during the actual World War, when armies were still attacking the enemies even after the war ended.

Disney take note. This guy deserves a job.

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Call of the Empire

Call of the Empire is a non-profit short film produced for the sole purpose of personal enjoyment of the cast, crew and all Star Wars fans. Please enjoy this addition to the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars – Call of the Empire (Fan Film) from KMD on Vimeo.

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  1. Richard Grissom Jr.

    It’s great! A little confusing though. Wouldn’t the Death Star be destroyed? The X-wing and Tie are also newer models, Force Awakens erea?

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