Butthurt DC Fanboys Call For People To Boycott Mission Impossible

New stills from Mission: Impossible – Fallout (what an ironic name) that showcase Henry Cavill’s infamous moustache surfaced last week and, of course, DC fans are mighty upset all over again. Some fans are voicing their frustrations in public forums and calling on others to boycott the upcoming film.

Some DC fans blame Paramount’s decision to ultimately refuse Cavill to shave his facial hair for Justice League reshoots as the main reason for the film’s ultimate failure. It’s hard to tell just how much influence the awkward and bad CGI to Cavill’s upper lip had on critics and audiences. Whether or not it was the main cause of the film’s downfall is up to opinion. However, it’s hard to deny that nearly everyone who has seen the film had a chuckle at Justice League‘s opening scene, which probably didn’t help word of mouth either.

Superman Justice League

Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the sixth instalment in the franchise starring Tom Cruise, is scheduled to be released on July 27, 2018. We’ll have to wait and see if the boycott actually happens and if it will ultimately affect box office sales for the American action spy franchise.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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  1. Durga's Arrow

    This is a silly article with a ridiculous headline. You can still be a serious journalist while covering entertainment media! There’s no need to drop your standards. 🙂

    Oh and if fans of the DC movies are upset about the whole “moustache-gate” situation, then it would make more sense for them to boycott Justice League’s home release… NOT the new Mission Impossible.

    None of this is Paramount’s fault. Paramount insisted on taking all possible measures to ensure that they made the best movie they could, according to their director’s vision, unlike Warner Bros! If anybody is to blame for “moustache-gate”, it’s Warner Bros! Not Paramount. Not Joss Whedon. It was Warner Bros that ordered Justice League’s replacement director Joss Whedon to reshoot so many of the original director Zack Snyder’s completed scenes…

    If Warner Bros had finished and released Zack Snyder’s movie, in the way he had originally intended, then there would be no awful CGI lip on Henry Cavill’s Superman. However it is up to each individual fan to decide whether they think boycotting the home release of Justice League would send the correct message to the studio executives. I’m currently planning to boycott the Blu-ray unless an extended director’s cut is forthcoming, but that’s just me. 🙂

  2. Carlo Hendricks

    That is just THE dumbest thing EVER!!! Mission Impossible is the only franchise that consitantly gets better and better with each additional instalment.

  3. I’m a big DC fanboy. I’ll watch this. The thing is, with all these comic book film, everyone is suddenly a comic expert and they complain about every petty thing without thinking that there’s billions of people that need to be catered for and most importantly… It’s the directors view.

    Also, Mission Impossible is rad cos it’s so silly. I love it.

  4. I’m not a MI Fan – Haven’t seen any of them past the first. But if you’re blaming Justice League’s shitty outcome on Cavil’s mustache, you really need to get a grip. Multi-million dollar move and they hire someone from Univ of Phoenix to CGI out his ‘stache. Blame the studio.

  5. there is no butthurt, tom cruise is a lesbian in man’s body, who should have gone back proving he can act . instead he’s about to join nick cage with the most straight to dvd videos all made by chinese production companies

  6. …. what now over a mustache this makes no sense I maybe what people call a marveltard or what ever but I was happy to see the justice league formed may not be the best movie but at leasted it “put a smile on my face” RIP Heath Leger

  7. …. what now over a mustache this makes no sense I maybe what people call a marveltard or what ever but I was happy to see the justice league formed may not be the best movie but at leasted it “put a smile on my face” RIP Heath Leger

  8. LOL. DC fans ain’t gonna boycott shit. They’ll be instrumental to MI’s success, because DC fans get off on self-inflicted suffering. They’ll see it in droves so they can bitch about it on the internet endlessly.

  9. I’m a DC fan but I think it’s stupid that people want to boycott it. That’s like boycotting a movie because they gave a scar to a villain with CGI because he didn’t have one on another movie.

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