The Best Burgers in Cape Town

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With the temperature dropping and most of us frantically unpacking our winter wardrobe, few things keep you warm like a hearty burger with a generous portion of chips. Whether you like yours meaty and flame grilled or rare and pan fried, here’s a list of the top 4 burger joints where you can get what you need!

HUDSONS – The Burger Joint

While there are a couple of HUDSONS in Cape Town, we’d recommend the Greenpoint location. Popular with local hipsters for its relaxed atmosphere, you can expect to see more than a few beards and rolled-up chinos while you eat. A good venue for a date if you want to keep things casual or just have a meal out with some friends in one of the booths. If you’re especially famished try The Works Burger.
How do I find them? 69 Kloof St, Cape Town. Tel: 021 426 5974


Clarke’s is a charming, little bar and dining room in Cape Town. They serve classic diner food that reflects local cuisine and lifestyle: fresh and made with love. Their burgers have flaky and buttery brioche buns, rare patties and pickles, which is all you really need. This small establishment is known for their service and comfy atmosphere. You can sit at the bar and watch the chefs at work constructing the scrumptious burgers.
How do I find them? 133 Bree Street, Cape Town. Tel: 021 424 7648

Saints Burger Joint

Located at the picturesque Eden on the Bay Mall, this classic eatery let’s you look out across Big Bay from pretty much every table. What makes Saints so different is their resolve to stay true to the classic rock ‘n roll atmosphere: Burgers, Beer, Rock ‘n Roll, Freedom! This motto fit Saints like an A-grade beef patty fits into a ciabatta bun. The folks down there believe in having your 1kg burger and eating it too. The burgers are painstakingly made to satisfy every customer, and they even grind their 100% pure beef patties on site. They also feature a tasty vegetarian menu. The old-fashioned jukebox is loaded with classic tunes and the wide variety of craft beers that they have on tap lets the good times roll for as long as you want. Also serving breakfasts and pizzas, Saints is worth a visit: no matter what you’re in the mood for.
How do I find them? Eden on the Bay Mall, Big Bay, Cape Town. Tel: 021 554 9709

Royale Eatery

Situated right in the thick of things on Long Street, Royale serves over 50 gourmet burgers. While it is difficult to find a table due to their popularity, you can wait at the bar upstairs and watch the comings and goings on Long Street. With equal parts vintage and hipster décor, it’s no surprise that Royale is so well known amongst locals and tourists. Their selection of milkshakes and craft beer will fend off your thirst and complete your meal. Make sure to try the Miss Piggy with bacon, guacamole and sweet potato fries for a unique burger experience.
How do I find them? 273 Long Street, Cape Town. Tel: 021 422 4536

With so many great places to grab a good burger, it’s difficult to choose where to go to first. But it is highly recommended that you give all of them a try, and maybe get a gym membership to work off all the extra beef!

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