Burger King’s New Fierce Burger

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Burger King launched their new burger in a random and somewhat interesting press conference, which Graham van der Made and I had the opportunity to attend the event. As we sat staring at a desk with microphones, resembling an Olympic Games press conference, we anticipated the CEO or some sorts to come out and explain why we were all gathered there.


In a few short moments, three surprising characters entered the room and took a seat at the afore mentioned desk. A man dressed in what looked like a combination of Dr Evil and a pirate was called “Doc” and was the leader of the assorted trio. The other two were a male vampire, Vlad, and a wonder woman look alike named Louise.

It was then that I realised Burger King went for a quirky theme (intended to make us laugh) as an “evil” group of villains presented the new Fierce Burger. The burger they wanted to take over the world with. It was a bold concept that Burger King and their PR team came up with, but it took everyone by surprise and in a way distracted everyone from the purpose of the press conference – the new burger.

The new Fierce Burger, which we got the chance to taste, is Burger King’s new spicy and fierce whopper. Nestled between two toasted sesame buns is a flame grilled beef patty, tomato, lettuce, cheese, fried onions, jalapenos, and their new chilli mayo.


Here is what we thought about the burger:
Stacey: “I’m not much of a spicy food lover, so I removed the jalapenos. But the onions and chilli mayo were delicious and truly complimented the burger, and had enough great fiery taste to those with a less burning tolerance. In my opinion, this burger will definitely be a popular one and will surely remain on the menu after its 3 month trial period. I’d recommend this to any burger lover out there with a desire for fire.

Graham: “I’m not usually a fan of spicy food, but this is delicious. It has a nice kick to it. The burger is of a decent size and I’m not sure how many people will want to order a full meal along with it. I do think this is a safe option for Burger King. Yes, spicy food sells, but I’d love something a little more exciting from them next time. Still a great burger.

Burger King’s Fierce Whopper will be sold for R38.90 for just the burger. This promotional menu item will be available for three months, thereafter addition to Burger King’s core menu will be dependent on its sales.

Written by Stacey Petersen and Graham van der Made

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