Bungie Releases A Loads Of Destiny 2 Information And Reveals Some Gameplay

Bungie has finally lifted the veil off Destiny 2 and shared loads of new information about the game and even revealed some gameplay.

Bungie Releases A Loads Of Destiny 2 Information And Reveals Some Gameplay

The Destiny 2 news and gameplay was unveiled during Bungie’s live stream. Along with changes in gameplay Bungie also made some significant changes to its weapons classification system and even introduces new subclasses each with their own super abilities.

One of the more significant changes when it comes to gameplay is the introduction of Guided Games. This system will allow solo players to search for clans (yes, Destiny 2 will have clan support) which they can then play along with. While searching for clans solo players will be able to read a little about each clan that is available, helping them make a decision on which one to join. This will allow clans to guide solo/new players though the Nightfall or Raid. This system can also be used when a group of five players requires a sixth to fill up their team.

The newly revamped weapons system sees weapons no longer being classified as Primary, Secondary and Heavy. Instead, weapons will now be classified as  Kinetic, Energy and Power weapons. These categories are defined by the kind of damage they put out. For instance, Kinetic class weapons do neutral, hard hitting damage while the Energy weapons tend to be more for strategic shield-killing.

The coolest part of the reveal was the new subclasses each with their own new bad-ass super. The Warlock Dawnblade’s super allows the character to jump up in the air and pull out a flaming sword that rains down flames on their foes. The Titan Sentinel’s super gives the character an impenetrable shield that can be thrown into unsuspecting enemies  (Just like Captain America). Lastly, the Hunter Archstrider’s super has the character summoning a staff imbued with lighting and slamming it into foes.

Along with loads of new information, Bungie also released some videos showcasing Destiny 2 in action.

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