This Is Why I’m Broke… Again…

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If you’re anything like me then the internet has become an open source for you to buy endless amounts of junk – at a great price nevertheless. Looking for a place to spend your money? Look no further! has endless amounts of cool stuff that will have any nerd drooling. Sure its the oddest, strangest and weirdest stuff you have ever seen, but I’ll bet you top dollar you will find something ridiculous that you just “NEED” to own…

Batman Begins Brake Light

Batman Brake Light Cover

Pimp out your Batmobile with this really cool Batman brake light cover – displaying the bat signal to all the envious drivers behind you. Not a Batman fan? You’ll be happy to know it comes in various other shapes, including Superman, Star Trek and Princess. At $6.49, it’s not badly priced.

Sticky Note Wrist Watch

Wrist Watch Post It Notes

Stay organized and quit poisoning your body with ink when writing self reminders on your arms, wrists, and hands. Now you can write a reminder to yourself on these wrist watch post it notes that you wear on your wrist like a regular watch or bracelet. $12.99 isn’t a bad price to pay for these innovative reminders.


Super Mario Wall Stickers

Pimp out your man cave with these awesome Super Mario Bros. wall decal. Included in this Super Mario wall sticker package are three large and restickable vinyl decals, with dozens of smaller individual decals in each package.$74.95 is a tad pricey, but true fans will love it.


USB Wall Outlet

I’m not sure why these haven’t become part of our every day living. Recharge your mobile devices with ease thanks to this clever USB wall outlet with two built-in USB ports. Now you can throw out all those bulky USB power adapters. This would be great for work and home. $27.95 is a fair price to pay for a permanent charging solution.


Aquarium Bed

For those who take their Little Mermaid fantasies too far, now you can truly live “Unda Da Sea”. Literally sleep with the fishes with this amazing aquarium bed headboard. This massive 650 gallon aquarium is completely custom-made to give your bedroom a one of a kind aquatic look, and can probably double as a swimming pool if you feel like swimming with your pets. $11,500 will be chump change for crazy people.


Daft Punk Helmet

Make yourself look harder, better, faster, and stronger with these replica Daft Punk helmets. These one size fits all helmets include four bright LEDs, an adjustable computer chip for light speeds, and a sealed gold finish for that authentic look. $1,400 is a small price to pay for electro fans.

Secret Bookshelf Passageway

Secret Bookshelf Passageway

I’m determined to have a secret passageway in my home one day. Aren’t they the coolest? Now you can hide a secret room in your home with this bookshelf that folds open to reveal a secret passageway; regardless of whether it leads to the Batcave or just the laundry room, these secret passageway bookshelves are a must have for any home.At $3,000 this one is definitely on the top of my list.


Batman Motorcycle Suit

As if you didn’t think about it? Ride around looking like the Dark Knight with this replica Batman motorcycle suit. This highly detailed motorcycle suit is constructed using premium leather and Kevlar inserts, giving you real protection while looking like Batman. Seriously, at $1,540 you can look like Batman!


Flip Up Keyboard Organizer

I don’t know why I never thought of this before. Organize your desk without cluttering it with storage shelves with these flip-up keyboards that have a hidden storage compartment for pens, highlighters, business cards, papers, and any other typical office supplies you’ve got lying around on your desk.$19.95

Virtual Infrared Keyboard

Flip Up Keyboard Organizer

Somebody please get me this for Christmas. Have a keyboard with you any where you go with this virtual infrared keyboard. This virtual infrared keyboard is the size a cell phone but allows you have the functionality of a full size keyboard, with the added benefit of wireless Bluetooth technology. $169.99 for a keyboard that should last forever? Heck yeah!

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